Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life Support; Quick 30 lives – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Select, Start!

Respect. Harmony. Support.

These three things seem to be lost among a community of entertainers. How hard is it to respect a person in a similar field as you? I don't mean respecting douche-bags, or people whom are always rude to other people. I'm talking about respecting others who are working hard at their craft, networking and befriending other people. Trying to bring a comradery to fellow members. Respect yourself enough to respect those who are in the same boat as you. The same boat being a floating ship of respect for everyone and this business.

Harmony comes and goes. There is a fine line searching for a perfect pitched tune. Harmony... Working well together with new faces and old. Helping those who are starting, and working closely in a synergistic relationship with veteran entertainers.


Imagine how you feel when people leave before you perform. Imagine the emotions that go through you when someone “disrespects” you. Think of these things. Think of what bothers you the most when you perform, or when others just upset you. I am sure, and so are you, they're thinking the same things you think about. Well, unless they are douche-bags who don't care about anyone but themselves.

In the end results it only makes life so much easier working together. Why people feel the need to “be above” others doesn't make sense, in any way. Give it a shot. Say hi to someone new, talk to people, be nice to people and try and work with people.

Peace in Harmony, until again...
~ Thomas J Bellezza

P.S. Don't focus on those not sticking around or doing the three above motivational aspects in life. Respect yourself first and foremost. Don't allow us to bring you down. This is your life. But have enough respect to be there respecting others. “Do unto others as you wish done to you.” give harmony to your motivation, your cause. Live without stress against others. If you are concerned what others are doing “wrong” in your mind, or to you, or how you are not making it and they are, then you are living out of harmony in your own self. Live in harmony of yourself and others. Finally support your choices. Don't let us dictate your life. Embrace what life is for you and what life is for others. As people come into your life embrace them. As they walk away, embrace them. There is a peace there... you will find it.

Now go level up those lives and make it to the final level of success!

Lesson over...