Sunday, October 23, 2011



Thomas J Bellezza 4 President!!! Vote for Thomas J Bellezza for President! Tweet it all over!!!!! Thomas J Bellezza for President #TJB4President


1) I promise to raise taxes to an unrealistic record height so that when I lower them by a reasonable % you'll all love me even though the taxes are still stupidly high...

2) I promise to ensure hundreds, if not tens of jobs! Not so much through my efforts but because people can go out there to get these jobs themselves. Since, realistically speaking, the Government can't give you jobs, based on certain requirements, you must qualify for said position. I will say this; if "we" as a nation spend more money than more opportunities will open up for job interviews.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Making a name for yourself; Know, Unknown!

I say it all the time, okay maybe most of the time. I take breaks every few hours or so then I say it. I say it loud!!! My belief is that you'll never have to touch a stage to become successful. I said it, and I will say it again so you can re-read it correctly. “You never have to touch a stage to become successful”. In entertainment that is... It is true. If you don't believe me I suggest you continue reading on below.

Success comes from being known. The more well know you are the more people will follow what it is you are doing. If you can get your name out there through all the avenues of this worlds connections than you will be successful when you finally wish to hit a stage. It is as easy as going out there and telling people who you are. Okay, it is a little harder than that. You have to stick in people's minds. How do you do that?

SLOGANS! You need a slogan. Something like... “Do you have what it takes to... Make A Right Left Here?” Yes and this leads you to a website called... www . Make A Right Left Here . Com. Smart? Yes, why? Because it lets people remember things easier for you. Humans have a hard time remembering full on names. What they don't have a hard time remembering is logos, such as the one in the photo above, jingles, or slogans that stick with you. Not everyone is going A) Remember Thomas J Bellezza, B) How to pronounce that Bellezza or C) remember how to spell hard last names.

What will they remember? That catchy slogan in their head or an image. So how do you mold this into people's heads? Through stickers with your logo image and slogan on it. Through getting online and marketing yourself, for free if you have to, through Social Media, Blogging, and even Message Boards. Get your name out there. A lot of people, A LOT OF PEOPLE ask how. It is something you have to do all the time. The hard work will form an avalanche effect and cause people to do it for you. In the beginning you have to take time and do it. Once that jumps off on its own than you have to take on other all day responsibilities.

That is it for now. I will be back with another lesson if you so wish to learn. I have other blogs, and a company which helps people learn these things. Follow here, and there, and our websites to keep up and informed. Remember, there are no walls only solutions, and make things happen by making things happen!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reviews Sucks; Live and die by the words of who?

Reviews can make or break a person in moments sliced inside a sentence of words. The old saying in entertainment is “You are only as good as your last performance”. A truer statement has never been said before in entertainment. So, the same goes for reviews. I've had my fair share of reviews.

I remember the day I decided not to care anymore about reviews. Or that I should have an emotional connection to them. I played a musical concert and I had two reviews I read from that same shows. One review said I couldn't play the guitar at all. The other review said I was the greatest guitarist they had ever seen.

A review, in my opinion, should not have opinions. They should be objective details of a situation so that an onlooker can get a non-bias understanding of that particular event.

What I get out of reviews is one thing... Nothing. I look at them and just wave them off. Though in the defense of a reviewer, I see a bad review and I know that makes people look on it in a negative way. So I continue working harder to bring a better performance than my last to every continued time I get on stage. I don't need a review to make me strive to be better than last, I need motivation in me!

Entertainers being pulled left and right from their audience will never be able to find a straight road to their personal voice. Your audience will find you, but you will never find your audience. Every change for every onlooker will continue to change others who've always enjoyed where you were in your ability.

Take the review with a grain of salt. Listen to it, read it if you would like, but when it comes to truth enjoy reviews that are expressing what that particular event was. And not so much what they have an opinion on!