Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Music Along the Sound

• Music Along the Sound

Music is the heart of life. It connects us even when our languages seem silence and lost in translation. Music moves the world around us and brings people together. It has the power to drive motivation or tackle your soul down to darken shadows deep within depression. Music is and will always be a growing part of our lives as people even if we do not truly wish to embrace it. If you walk in the outside world, or watch TV/Movies, that music will hit you right in the heart.

As of late I have been working diligently on both a live album for my one year cancer free celebration for 2017 and for my studio album. What a difficult time for my memory buttons. Dealing with reasons of leaving TENEbRAE and watching music fade around me. Well, it is time to bring it back to life. Every week I have dedicated a few hours to writing, cleaning up, or practicing music. It is a part of who I am, why change that in any fashion!?

If I did this to be successful in life I would have the wrong idea. I am creating art to ensure my soul can live again. The success of this entertainer comes from Networking, Marketing, and Practicing my craft. If you believe product brings success you are forgetting about the most important part about success... people. People must have an attachment to your Bran (Marketing), like you (Networking), and you must be good enough to do what you do (Practice) so all the above pays off in the end.

BE ALIVE and sing your soul free with an instrument or your voice!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I Feel Like A Unicorn

• I Feel Like A Unicorn

Transcendence touches few people in this world. Some are lucky enough to reach it through meditation, or world building events. Others are bound by wars, or extreme stress that takes your body beyond its limits until that mind is floating above a life you once thought you could understand. Coming back home to rest near people who have yet to discover where your mind has had a journey moreover its expected ability. Who are they now!?

For over a year I felt warn, weak, and in pain. A sense of death routed through my dreams as I could hardly walk up stairs. A simple task caused my breath to fail on me. I tossed it up to my nerve system acting up. It eventually began impeding on my ability to make my rounds. To get out there for comedy, production meetings, even sitting in my chair to write. The major change came when I could not walk up stairs once I reached the fifth step. Got myself to the doctor.

If you feel broken then go get checked. Cancer has opened my eyes to life. I am seeing things differently and more purely. What matter in beforehand is in a silent wonder in the back of my mind. While I move forward in a clear breathing and open sky. Living with one Kidney is as many others do. All the stories are making me feel better. This is my story, my traveling adventures of a resilient entertainer who is kind of on break while I heal more. Open doors for those around you and live.

Peace in harmony, until again...
~ Thomas J. Bellezza

Do you have what it takes to... Make A Right Left Here… Do you!?

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