Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't Read This!

• Don't Read This!

Don't read what? That's correct, don't read this. Words, how they seem to move people to interest. Being an entertainer you must find ways to have people grow to be interested in what you have to offer. Being a great juggler is nothing compared to being someone of interest. The marketing world does it to all of us. Somehow, someway, your interest is captured and you are drawn into reading about something, or buying something. It happens everyday. It got your attention. That's the point, that's the secret. Or is it?

A brand has three stages; Awareness, Interest, and Sales. Building awareness creates interest which in turn generates sales. Sales are also considered “buying” into a brand. It took me about 7 years to realize that. Having a brand is such an easy idea that for me to have missed; it made me feel way out of the loop. Mastering branding, marketing, and creating interest continues to be my goal so I might see the truth in a bigger connection with life. Our union of people among a world of people is a beautiful idea.

I have friends that are killing themselves to get work. I use to do that, then I changed my daily activity from “wanting” to “giving”. That's right; I gave my time to people so they knew my brand, they knew me! When I could I did my best, when I couldn't, then I helped my best. I was always willing to learn from people, help people and live with people in my life. Now, people contact me for work in entertainment. I was just called to work in theater out in the city because of the people I know, and the hard work of knowing these people.

Don't read this... go out there and do this. Build your brand and make your dreams happen!

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