Sunday, November 20, 2011

How awesome is awesomely bad?

We get it, you are great at what you do. Though, have you ever really compared yourself to the list of success in this town? Look at where you are and who you are performing with. If you see people in the same place as you, maybe you're reality check needs to kick in. Don't let your reality not be check so you get kicked out! You may be great, and there may be others great in this town, but remember, there are people who are professionals at the same things you are doing. They make a living at it. Putting everything they have into it and making the right moves. Look at that list next time you start getting a big head. It is about perspective reasoning.

Reason being... Everyone is in this together. No one is better than others so don't take advantage of a nice person. Okay, some people may have more talent than others, but that still doesn't explain why you are all performing at an open mic, or fighting to get the same job... OR hell, you already both work at the same job in the same building. If you allow yourself to be pushed in the corner you will be forgotten. Live in the spotlight but don't be a douche in the bag. The tradeoff to being nice, and realistically aware of your position in your field is how others will enjoy you being around.

Don't allow your attitude to turn into a jaded outlook. Embrace those around you working hard at what they do. The truth of the matter is this... (Let's us comedy... but it is the same in every field) You may be funny in your local town, but there is definitely a person slightly better than you. So you could be considered, in the range of things, a beginner, them a feature, and believe it or not someone else could be considered a headliner... IN YOUR LOCAL AREA... but if a Louis C.K. walked into an open mic night to just “workout” things... You'd see why you are all still missing something.

No matter how “GREAT” you are, there is always someone much better than you at your stage of the game. You can always get much better, so practice... Network by being a nice person and respecting people caring about what they want to do... and Market yourself with what you can in the groups you can be in. If you are a douche in the bag you won't grab anyone's attention to network. You won't be able to market because no one cares about what you have going on... and your practicing will all be for naught because of your bag of douches being filled!