Monday, December 31, 2012

Who is your favorite... blank?

• Who is your favorite... blank?

I have a TV series in the works for less than a year now. I am up to the third episode and still, I need two more before we can really get negotiations down. Anyone can write a script. In fact, anyone can do anything they want to do. Will it be good? Maybe. What makes it good? Who knows. All I know is, I've been writing these things and I've found that I have no problem letting the information out of my head. That's the easy part. It takes me about sixteen hours to write an hour long show. It's the editing that hurts. I am glad I have help.

Help. Help is important. Another person who is emotionally detached from your project. They are seeing your work with a different brain. So if they are confused at what you are presenting, I am sure others will be too. Obviously I know what I am writing about, but do others? So, help is important. The other thing is, doing. Doing is really the hardest part. Putting aside time, and the such. So, I've been doing script writing, comedy, acting, and playing music... so with all my doing, I always get asked this questions...

Who is your favorite... blank? I have always thought this question to make no sense. For me at least. Who am I to have a favorite? Hey, I enjoy things. Many things, but believe it or not, I may or may not like everything someone does. My mind tries to stay away from judging. If I think someone is my favorite then what happen to the people that are not my favorite? Why should they be ignored? I suppose, I am a supporter of people who are doing their craft. If a person is doing, then I like it. I may not enjoy it, or everything they do, but still.

When I see someone doing what they love I am so happy for them. To me, It is about those trying. So many want to do but are scared. To me, those people have already failed. They could, however, make a come back by trying. If we are talking business, Micheal Bay is a madman for successful outcomes. Lately, everything he touches makes a ton of money. Steven Spielberg has done 4 billion over his lifetime. Then-again, Martin Scorsese grossed just under a billion and he's thirty-third on the list. Micheal Bay is FOURTH! Wow...

So who is your favorite... anything?

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Jeer?

• Holiday Jeer?

Merry... I have no idea what one can say here without offending people. Including, what I just said. I love the holidays, I am just not a fan of them. As an entertainer you could make a lot of money working on a holiday. It only cost you your friends, family, and time. I'm saying, the sacrifices a person makes in life to accomplish success sometimes takes away from the value of life. What should one do? What do I do? Me, I work 365 days a year. I take off on February 29th. Because I deserve one day off. In ten years, I will have all my freedom.

I found celebrating everyday, as if it were my last day, works better for me. I am a fan of being around loved ones. Celebrating the time you have, had, and will have with them. Contributing to a day every so often seems almost devaluing. Why must I be forced to celebrate something because that day says I must? How about celebrating that day, person and loved one because you are alive, you are with them, you are around in a world living your life?

I think it is beautiful that people celebrate things, but getting upset over saying “Happy Holiday” or “Merry Christmas” kills me. This time of year is packed with an overload of events. People sometimes assume I have no holiday spirit. What they fail to realize is my spirit goes through the whole year. I am celebrating every moment of my life. I don't need to wait for a special day to express that. I am a fan of life. Besides, black Friday is violent, people spend all their hard earned $ on gifts, and for what? To save face?

Do something nice for a person. Spend time with them. Go take a walk with them. Better yet, give them your time and talk with them. Enjoy life, be of life... live. I suppose I'm a hopeless romantic with life. I want it to be something more than the value of what I bought, or was given. I want it to be an adventure. An adventure with people I love deeply. Being an entertainer allows me to see the darker sides of holidays, but it also lets me see life in a brighter light. I'm grateful for my sacrifices/fears, because it gives me a new look on life.

I want to wish everyone a holiday of life. Enjoy your family, friends and possibilities. Take your holiday today, tomorrow, or whenever, just remember... the love you have today, and the joy you feel right now, bring that with you into everyone moment you live. Turn your Holiday Jeer into a perfect sense of CHEER!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the world

• End of the world

Great news, we are still all alive. Who knows what people really thought with our ends in mind. It gets you thinking. What do you want to do with your life? Are you doing it? Have you created steps to make your life happen? I think we should live as if the end is coming. Why? Well, it is going to end, in one way or another, for each of us. The Earth might be fine, but our fragile bodies can only take so much. Why give our bodies to a life we are not enjoying? I know what it is, you have no money. I got ya.

How about creating a budget to place your life into a direction you want? Have you ever heard of "placing all your eggs into one basket"? Or spend less than you save? I am certain most people have been told to invest. Though, the fear of investing is scarier than taking a chance at life... or is it? I remember when I was told the world was ending for me. I changed my whole life around and created the “bucket list”. What else did I do? I mean for an entertainer to be resilient, one must make sacrifices, but also, have a plan.

I created S.M.A.R.T. Goals. I invested my money. I also set forth a plan based on maintaining control. That's the secret, maintaining control. Of course, the hardest part about all this, is the act of “doing”. Motivating yourself to do, is where I struggled in the beginning. Any human can want, but to do and get, well, that's a whole other story. So how did I do it? What is the secret to my success? I create opportunities with my above list. I will let you all in on a little secret, place your money into three wonderful needs; Security, Growth, and Dream.

• Security; is a need to protect me when my invests me go bad, or if I am working less than enough to pay a bill off. So I place at least 20% of my earnings over expenses into this need. At the end of every month I make sure I do this. I turned it into a habit.

• Growth; being another need for my purpose, I dedicated another 20% of my earnings over expenses into this need as well. Any money in here was for me to freely invest as needed. This was my way of creating income out of money working for me, while I could do the things I needed to do to become successful.

• Dream; To own a theater. Well, not a theater, but a place that allowed me to be around entertainment, and also have the freedoms to do the things I loved. I saved 20% of my earnings over expenses into this as well. The smart part is I still do this, even though I am in the realm of my own success.

I know this is a long blog, but really, if the world was going to end, and we had a date for that ending, what would you have wanted to do before it ended? I would want to have lived a life I called my own. Make things happen by making things happen. If you are stuck with no money, or time, create that freedom with these 3 needs. Hell, save up enough money to support yourself for one full year, or even two years. Then, quit your job and make your life your job... Make your dream your life. It only gets better from here if you make the choice to take the chance! Peace in harmony.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Bucket of Lists

• A Bucket of Lists

Some people make a nice long Bucket List. I, going above and beyond the normal amount sanity, have created a few bucket lists. A bucket of lists... or A bucket of bucket lists as one might put it. What does that mean? Well, over the years I have completed my original bucket list. Minus that one little trip to Ireland. I am working on it, okay! It is in my 5 year plan. So, I decided to come up with a list for different parts of my life. What kind of things? Well, a bucket list is kind of personal, but I will say this much.

Each item on the list is a great mental goal towards action. Action, the act of doing. I would like to accomplish certain things in each field of my life. More in the acting field, comedy, music, and so on. I also would like to see my company grow, as it is a part of my life. Ultimately, I want to see others grow. I want to inspire people around me to become what their dreams have been growing in them. Each person alive must have a right to their dreams coming true. In my opinion, anything that doesn't hurt another person of course.

So what makes something worth doing? A desire to have it done. Where does this freedom come from? For me, I created opportunities through organizing my life into a little thing I call “The Triangle of Life”. Something I came up with to help me create a strong habit of doing. I follow each side to help me get where I am. Maybe one day I'll show people how I did it, but for now, be constant. Create goals in life and make them happen by making them happen. This world is beautiful, keep your self motivated to see it. To a world of next year!!!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Letter of Reason

• Letter of Reason :

A fellow blogger asked me to post some photos of a play I am in over at The Rose Theater. We have performed the play 3 times now. It is getting better with each go at it. With a steady crowd, I've learned a little from each of them after the performance. Some get the stories from the beginning. Others, more towards the end. What I like, is each person gets something different out of it.

I had one couple, a mixed couple, here last night watching the play. Since the play is about an old man from the 60's who was in a mixed relationship, it gave me a nice sense of direction. That I was giving more than a story about this subject. This man told me it made him think about his time growing up during the 60's and 70's. That was a great compliment to me.

I, myself was in a mixed relationship when I was in my early … oh yeah, entertainers stay away from age. I was younger than I am now. The relationship went on for a few years. I remember dealing with people looking at us in a bad way. I even remember one moment where we didn't get survived at a particular resturant. Oh, fun times indeed. NOT... so, here you go, enjoy the photos.

Actor (Thomas J. Bellezza) – Character (Jacob)
Actor (Adam Ginsberg) – Character (Old Man)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A press release

• A press release

I have written a few Press Releases in my time. Which poses the questions; How does one write a Press Release AND how many people have written one for their careers in entertainment? First, the rules of a Press Release (Networking / Marketing).

Capture the 5 W's in your opening paragraph; Who, What, Where, When, and Why of your story.
Use clear, simple sentences throughout; To the point, and easy to understand.
Include quotes to enliven the text.
Be brief; Not wear briefs. Okay you should wear briefs. I mean, keep your release to a single page.
Use a closing paragraph; Wrap up the message.
Always include contact information; This info helps for possible follow-ups.
Photos; Whenever possible, since photos increase usability.
Reread, reread, and then revise; Leave no extraneous verbiage. (I just wanted to use the word verbiage)

--Below is a real example--



A tradition of bringing community theater to life, “The Rose Theater” (WHO) is staging a new original 1 Act production of Thomas J. Bellezza's “Letter of Reason” (WHAT) in Holbrook; 1320 Lincoln Ave Holbrook NY 11741 (WHERE), from the Wednesday, December 12th to Sunday, December 30th (WHEN). An interesting journey as a Report interviews an old white man, who fought for Civil Rights in the 60's, learns a little more about himself and a little more about his interviewer. (WHY)

Director Thomas J. Bellezza, who happily opened The Rose Theater to give people a chance to bring reality to their dreams, says “Even the message has a say, and the little I have to add is nothing compared to what you'll take from this play. A community play is intimate, and filled with unexpected magic. I love the way an audience can walk through a play with the actors and feel something. Be moved into emotions; laughter, sadness, hope, or tears.”

With a full winter and summer season filled for this new theater in Holbrook, let your Holiday December be entertained. Have a present you want to give? Give the gift of the stage. Gift certificates for Plays, Classes and other events.

Tickets are priced at $20 for general admission, there are coupons for $5 off, and seniors get a %25 discount, which are available at The Rose Theater box office or by calling 631.599.2263. An every growing crowd, so advance reservations are strongly suggested. Attached are photos of the event.

Contact: The Rose Theater; Lauren Huttle or Thomas J. Bellezza, 631.599.2263

--Above is a real example--

Also, remember, a timely submission to your local editors is also appreciated. The sooner the better! Good luck, and feel free to come on down to The Rose Theater.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another year? Almost

• Another year? Almost

A few more weeks till we'll be in the year 2013. I'm pretty excited. When I was younger I would figure out which year it would be when I was 20. Of courses that year was... wait a minute, entertainers don't give away their age. What have I learned this year? Friends are good to have around. They center you. They calm your needs and help relax your running brain. It's good to laugh once in a while, so tight friends and family are important. I also learned that some friends are far from being friends. This is a lesson I keep learning. You figure out who is using you, and you just embrace it. They'll only be around long enough to drain themselves of your resources. Which is okay by me. I'm still strong enough to keep moving forward.

One thing I did realize this year is; a growth comes from those around you. Yes, one must be strong enough to keep their motivation going, but ultimately, you need a group of trustworthy people. I have a pretty good team around me. A wonderful partner in business. A working crew that makes things happen under my direction. My entertainment career and personal company are growing in a nice steadily direction upward! Believe in those who have earned it. It's very important to understand one person can only do so much. Let your guard down just enough to trust the trustworthy to handle certain things. I am already seeing a great year ahead of me, and so far, I've not even hit the first of 2013.

One other thing that you might find interesting to take with you; Be prepared. Have your list of life in front of you. Know what you want and go after it. Some people are always in prep mode. Learn to know when prep mode must turn into “Perform” mode. It is indeed a hard business out there to keep your life in the growth side. I have faith in me, and you. I hope my readers continue following my blogs, not for a narcissistic reason, but for a Growth reason. That we all learn something together. Maybe my thoughts will help inspire another human. Maybe I'll be inspired by a “like, or comment” or even a new follower which would lead me to read an amazing blog. Let's inspire each other for the next 365 days... oh and additional 27 days left to this year!