Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is it worth it?

• Is it worth it?

I've been living this life of entertainment since way before 97'. I remember finding art as a way to express myself. I also remember art becoming the last thing I wanted to do for a living. It's a hard business. When I started out they really didn't have computers and I found drawing was more of a personal pleasure. Was it worth it? No. To me, it was not worth the fight to draw for a living. It was worth it for me to draw for me. I found the written word and music. It has always been worth it in my mind to make a living through the written word and music. It has helped me fine my personal thoughts, connect with people and bring something for others to take with them. Is it worth it? Yes, yes it was and is!

One thing I have learned through working with groups of entertainers; Comedians, Actors, Directors, Musicians, even artists, etc. is how very few people get along. They might act nice around them. They might even play nice when working with one another. Are they all friends inside? I am going to say not as much as it should be to benefit everyone. I hear a lot from all these people about “Me, me, me, me!”. Rarely do I hear people speak in the “you” sense. This business grows when people work together. It's about growth, money should be secondary. Money will come with effort, growth and relationships. When people fight each other, even behind the scenes, nothing gets done. Is it worth it? To me, no. Why do this if you're fighting to be alone?

What is the worth if it all? I've asked to myself a lot. I'll tell you, my lovely readers, it is worth it. I've met some many wonderful souls doing this. I've met a lot of douche-bags too. Hell, I am sometimes considered a douche-bag to people who don't get me. I might just be forgetting that about others. I really try to like the douche-bags... I do, try. Back to hope. I love this business so much. Everyday I am learning something new about myself, people and the business. Make things happen by making things happen. That's the secret. Is it worth it? Is it really worth it? The hard work, the headaches from douche-bags, the emotions of failing, everything comes with this life? Yes, yes it is. I am proud of what life I am living. One day at a time!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drunk on power

Drunk on power

I made a vow when I was younger to stay clean of drugs, cigarettes, and drinking. I was younger than 10 years old, which made it all the more powerful to my soul. I saw people drunk all the time. Cigarettes smell is disgusting, unattractive, and just never made sense to me. By the time I was 15 I had already seen what drugs can do to people. Are all drugs bad? To be honest, I have to care if other people do any of the aforementioned vices, I vowed to be clean for myself. We made choices for ourselves, not for others. Even people trying to get help for their addictions must make the choice for their hearts before taking the road to recovery.

When I got into entertainment it was always my dream to open a venue where people could come and see quality shows. I also wanted a place where people who were starting out could get that opportunity. I had no intention of selling liqueur, beer, or anything that required me to have a small chance of drunk people running around like headless chickens. Who wants to come to a theater when it is dangerous to walk outside because come random person is scream and falling over themselves? It devalues the place. So, people can come here buy drinks in the shape of soda, water, coffees, hot coco, and so on. Snakes too, they are yummy.

My point is this; I was told I was being selfish because there are people out there who do like to drink. I should be thinking of their needs and not mine. That, “If I am not interested in making a lot of money, then what is the point”. I make money on my company BBR Productions Inc., We are a marketing company. The theater is just a pleasant extra gift. I am far from being selfish. In fact, how the story goes I use to work as a cashier at a supermarket. The cashier next to me sold beer to a guy who ended up crashing into a car filled with a full family. They all died, except the drunk.

The catalyst for that accident was my next door cashier. I would never want to be the cause of another human(s) life to be taken. Am I selfish? Sure, because “I” would like people to live. “I” would like people to come to my place and have fun. It's not a place to get drunk because a show has no quality. People dying is not my business. I am fearful that people are not responsible when it comes to drinking. They might be, but I don't know, and thus I can't take a chance. I wouldn't want that on my employees, my company name, or my soul. If people want to drink, have fun somewhere else.

The Rose Theater is for individuals looking for a fun, safe, and pleasant show.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some is better than none

• Some is better than none

“A little a day.” That's what I told myself when I got into the swing of things. Entertainment is difficult. It is designed to keep the unmotivated out of the loop. Survives are hard workers. Those individuals pushing through a strong ocean wave after being knocked out. Then dragged through a rock bottom splash while coming up for a second breath before getting taken under again. That's when you are made or broken. Are you willing to fight through these attempts only to fail over and over again? If yes, then you will... correction, you are successful.

I've seen it a thousand times. Bands, actors, comedians, you name it, they have one small hick-up and they give up. “What do you mean I have to market my self?”, “What do you mean I have network and build relationships?”, “Wait, I have to put money into this and not have a job... well how will I pay my bills?” How will you pay your bills? What do you want to do with your life? These are questions I've asked myself after hearing all these naysayers. I want this life, I am this life. It's about sacrifice. Any job, even a teacher has to sacrifice their freedoms to earn an education enough to teach. Then they have to put the time in.

I found a solution to this when I was learning the hard road is very much easier than I thought. “Some is better than one”. I live by that. If I do one thing a day, at the least, then I know I did something. I end up doing more a day now than I use to. However, that one thing a day kept me moving forward on lazy days. I've seen people complain everyday (which is kind of doing something a day) though it really is doing nothing. Brainstorm, think things through and make things happen by making things happen. Occasionally I find myself enjoying the words of others and their inspiration.

Need motivation? Here is a “TIP A DAY” blog. I have faith in you... as I have faith in me!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


• Stalkers

I am well known enough, as a celebrity, to know what a stalker is. I mean, I am no Brad Pitt, but I have been known to be stopped in public from time to time. This comes from my entertaining ways! Love entertaining, hate being stalked. Let's say a great deal of celebrities hate being loved by stalkers. I could only image what an every day kind of person must feel like. At least a celebrity gets attention right away to stop said crazy person.

I've dealt with a few here and there, the worst form of stalker are the aggressive types. So much so they interrupt your personal life. I can understand sending love letters, or even playing around through emails. That's fine. I have one major rule when it comes to my life; My personal life is personal and my professional life is professional. I have very few personal things on the inter-web. My presence online is all business. The select few people who are my dear friends and family know the difference.

It is a way I can protect the ones I love. I try to keep anything personal from hitting the web. Because I had a moment where someone started attacking an ex girlfriend of mine. Which was horrible for both me and her. Now, I don't even connect that with people. Most people have no idea if I am in a relationship or not. Only my close friends and family know the truth. Personally, I like it that way. I care about the people in my circle and I am scared to have them be approached by adoring fans.

Point of notice; Stalkers, please give celebrities and individuals the privacy they deserve. Now, celebrities who want this privacy, try and keep your personal things off the internet. This message has been brought to you by Make A Right Left Here...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Control yourself

• Control yourself

People have always interested me. Studying life is a very important part of my own personal life along with my business world. One thing I have noticed in entertainment are four types of people; Timid, Arrogant, Leaders, and Controlling. Me, I am a leader. I take charge when things have to get done. I freakout if I am standing still for far too long. Things have to get done. I've learned if you care about something stop blaming it on others for not getting done. I can do it, so do it, and get it done!

Timid people have always surprised me. When you feel they might not have it in them to make things happen they blow your mind with their success. Out of nowhere they create opportunities and go with it. Timid doesn't always mean they are nice. They just keep to themselves. Arrogant, well, everyone knows what that is. These people have it in them to be great if only they were humble enough to know better. I have little to no problem with these three mentioned. In fact, I wish someone would take lead more often.

People who are controlling have one thing in common : They have no control in their lives. Either their parents, loved ones, boss, partner, or outside source is controlling them. In some cases they are just so lost in their own life that they are dictated by their lack of direction. Whatever it be, they need to find control over others to feel better. This is done by nitpicking every little thing they see. Having the last words is a quick sign of this person type. I feel they may have yet to find true purpose, love, and understanding in their life.

Dealing with them is always a challenge if you let them take you over. Be stronger than them and find your path growing. I broke free many a times from people like this and now I have a great deal of control in my life. My soul is happier knowing I make choices for each step I take. Sometimes things fall down, but I get right back up. Trials and tribulations are a great learning tool to move up and onward. Let these people bobble their heads around and enjoy your life while they can barely enjoy their own.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sitting in thought

• Sitting in thought

That was some left hook! I've always wondered why people take hits with worry. A problem comes up and they lay on the floor adding weight to the situation. Knowing what is holding you back is one thing. Concentrating on problems that are out of your control is another. When people speak their mind to “help” a situation it seems almost impossible to move forward when everything out of their mouths is about the problem.

I'm a man of solutions. Yes, I want to know what the issue is. Yes, I want to figure out what must happen to resolve said issues. Yes, I enjoy thinking forward while staying away from what is holding me back. How do I break free, over, all the bad that is or could come to me. Information is more powerful than anything else in this world. Take it in and utilize it. Any sign of weakness and you'll find your soldiers running for the hills.

Be a leader. That's who I am. Take control. When I have no control I feel weakest. I do have control in every situation. Why? Because I take control so things get done. There is always something to be done, that's how I look at it. If you have time to lean you have time to clean. My job is to find ways to bring in work, delegate it, and ensure things are getting done on time. My other job is to be a professional me.

Make things happen by making things happen...

Friday, November 9, 2012


• Sleepy

Everyone hears me say this as much as possible; You must work 365 days a year. What you don't hear me say is, make sure you get enough sleep. Working everyday can consist of an hour or more, to just completing one simple task. This whole week I've been breaking the rule of getting enough sleep. I have chosen to sacrifice a lot of my personal time, sleep time and friends time so I can get this new 6,200 square foot theater up and running.

We have an opening show this Sunday, and the Theater is just about done. A little more paint, some nails, maybe even a bit more trim. I still need sleep, but hey, the things we do for our dreams to come true. I know I will be sleeping most of the day on Monday just to catch back up. Lesson learned body, lesson learned. So, since Monday I've been working from around 10am to 3am the following day. I think it is time for a nap.

What have I learned from all of this? Owning your dream is a lot of work. It is also a lot of fun. Surviving in entertainment is hard enough, but growing your career and success is almost impossible. For every hundred people who attempt to make something happen only one of them will get a shot. For every ten people ever got a shot, only one of them actual make a career out of it. Think about that next time you notice the same 20 actors in every movie you see. Just sayin'.

Make things happen by making things happen, but also get the right amount of sleep. Sleep recharges you so you can keep going! Become the energizer bunny, or at least act like one.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A stormy beginning

• A stormy beginning

I was asked about what my thoughts on the number 3 was. I really wanted to write that blog, but it occurred to me that a storm just hit NY Long Island, among other places. So, I was in the storm, and I am an entertainer. I will get to the number 3 at another time. For now, let's talk about being resilient. What hit NY was pretty bad but nothing compared to other states that were destroyed. For NY City, there was a flood, and subways were filled to the top. You can't use the subway trains if they are submarines. Due to the storm, people lost their lives, less people lost power and every production in TV and Film was shut down.

Obviously that list is in the order of importance. The storm is gone and in the past now. So everything is slowly going back to normal. Expect for this small gas problem plaguing the Island of Long in NY. So, now anyone who wants to get to NY City can't take a train, or drive to the city to work on movies or TV productions. Worse yet, I am opening up a theater which was suppose to be open by the first of November. It's the fifth now. Which means, we are behind schedule. So, no lives, power, gas, productions, or theater... What can one do? Should we get upset, aggravated, or flipped out on everything and one? Nah, there is a better way.

The storm create opportunity. How? I only have my opinion of the situation. People being taken away, I can't answer that. That's for A God, or something, or nothing else to answer. For those who have survived, maybe I can add a little clarity to your lives. There are no walls only solutions. It's beautiful how so many people are helping one another through this event. Even famous people, and those with nothing themselves, are stepping up to give a hand to those in need. I knew the world had it in her. Except when it comes to people pulling out guns at gas stations... But, they were waiting for three hours on a line to filler up on their cars.

I wish people would be kind all the time, instead of when something horrible happen. That's another blog... This is about finding clarity in something so destructive. For me, I found time to breathe. What else could I do? There are moments when you have no control for a reason. Life is saying, “It's okay. Sit down while I help you stop running around.” I feel that's true. The storm has done enough damage, allow yourself a moment to breathe in it's abscess. Once you have given yourself a moment, write down what needs to be done. Mark that list off one by one as time passes. For me, my life needed things to slow down. I work every day. This storm taught me one thing...

I have loved ones around, people to listen to, and my life to live. I work, in one form or another, everyday. I had no choice but to slow down. A stormy beginning to my venture, and a beautiful calm after. To all those who had a rough time in this event, my heart goes out to you. May peace find your lives, and strength where you may feel weak and destroyed. All the world to life...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taking control of the uncontrollable

• Taking control of the uncontrollable

When I first began playing an instrument I wanted to learn piano. My brother took over both my piano and my music teacher. This lead me to play the guitar. Again, my brother took over my guitar and my guitar teacher. So I gave up. Silly me, one should never give up. So when I was a little older I took up guitar again. Had two lessons with a teacher and quit lessons after the second session, because he wasn't teaching me what I wanted to know. I wanted to understand theory. Why certain notes worked with one another. I wanted the power to create. Turns out, I didn't need a teacher. I needed the will.

I taught myself music, guitar, bass, piano and even drums. I wanted to play, I took away the walls. Now my brother could no longer take away my instruments, or my teachers. I lived away from him. The point is, I took control of my uncontrollable situation. Later on in life my band TENEbRAE was playing shows. We were at the mercy of promoters, bookers, and venues. I took away my walls. I started booking, promoting and yes renting venues for our own shows. It's all about creating opportunity. We also started playing festivals and touring. Taking control away from local situations and opening up a national style of play!

I also started acting, and doing comedy. Comedy I just placed my music background into it and rented venues, or clubs. Promoted the hell out of it and bam. Acting is a little different but not by much. I worked with a wonderful acting troupe, went into the city for TV, extra work and other auditions. Someone told me my look had to change... you'll never get work. So I opened a 6200 square foot theater... Need I say more? Take control of your situation. You want something you go out and just get it. You need people for things to happen, but it always starts with you and your will power. Become your creation, invent your opportunities!