Sunday, September 28, 2014

What is happening

• What is happening

How does a person succeed in this business? What busy you ask? The entertainment business. That's why you are reading the “Traveling Adventures of a Resilient Entertainer” – By the way, thank you for reading! I am going to give a basic outline of what a person needs to do so they can bring their dreams to reality. Then, I am going to show you what people are doing. Because, honestly, how many people can you count on your hand that are in the business you want to make a living at that are also successful? Even on a local aspect, some of them should be doing something by now. A business, if not successful and earning income by their 3rd year, must close. Yet, entertainers are doing 10 – 20 years still putting the time into their day job to make a buck.

1) Foundation; save 18 months worth of capital so you can give yourself an opportunity to say “YES” to your life.

2) Network, Market, and Practice; Build those relationships up so you can say “It's who you know”, grow your Brand through Marketing and have people “Know who you are”, then Practice your Skill and the business you are in.

3) Have a Social HUB attached to a well designed Website; Learn to speak with people not to them, sell on your website what you want people to have and express yourself through your Social HUB.

4) Selflessness; Remember success has nothing to do with you, it is always about other people.

5) Be proactive; get things done and DO. You want something, go after it.

These are the simple versions of what needs to be done. You can take it and grow with it. These little things create big opportunity for you. They did for me and changed my world. I began listening to people instead of relying on my talents and my lack of knowledge in how the system of entertainment worked. One other major change was, I started being around the world I was interested in. I didn't just go when I thought it suited me. I was there because it was there and I wanted to be around it, all of it. Everything, the music, the comedy, acting. I wanted to see how it all worked, and how I could help others by giving my time to them without asking for anything in return. I still live by this philosophy. Life is short, so why live your life away for other people's dreams when you should be living your own!?

A few things people, who are stuck on the road to being Jaded, do; since they “Should be discovered because they are amazing, awesome and unique!”

• Practice far too much; The idea that if you become good enough, all things will fall into place.
• I need a product; Writing Jokes, Recording Musical CD's, Film a TV Pilot / Movie, Have a book, etc. YOU are the product.
• They are in this alone; Look to your left and right. Everyone is in it, now work together.
• I am better than them; So what. It is not how amazing you are over others but how much people like you. Be nice!
• Show, Show, Show!; A show defines nothing of your brand. It is a place for fans to come see you, not grow them.
• Must have the best, be the best, perform the best; HAVE FUN, enjoy the ride. You are an entertainer.
• I am too old; So were Rodney Dangerfield, Harrison Ford, Jane Lynch, Samuel L. Jackson, Melissa McCarthy...

You are never too old to live!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Making waves

• Making waves

The world is simple; Put in an effort and you will get results. It works. I am living proof. I dropped out of high school and became a self made man. Spent ten years making waves in music. That lead me to Canada, other States in America playing my heart out. It also lead me to my breaking point. Wanting to leave music forever. I think about music, but I don't think about playing out. I remember this one time, I had not touched a stage with a band for about 5 years. I practiced and got ready to have a ball. Even got to play on stage with a drummer I've wanted to perform with since I first met him. When I got off stage 2 guitar players said “You ruined those solos. You really destroyed those songs”.

They were making waves, playing me with silly jokes. The band liked what I did, we had fun, and until that moment I thought I could do it again. I hung my head and remembered how much I hated performers at that level of the music business. 10+ years in and they were still beginners. If you have a day job, you are still a hobbyist. Even more so, if you are not paying your bills in the field you love doing for a hobby, then you are still a beginner. Why can't people just have fun and keep from tearing others down? If they are happy, and everything is going well, then stop being the quintessential hater stereotype.

It is your job to Love that you are playing, love that you are there. That is the point to performing. You want to be the best then practice, but you want to work in this business without having a day job? Be nice to everyone, because you never know who someone is or knows. I recently worked with Martin Scorsese on a TV pilot. Yeah, I was background, yeah I didn't have lines. But in my life time, I've played in front of thousands of people on a huge arena stage, had a chance to act and make Martin Scorsese laugh, and even get to hang with some of my favorite professional Comedians. I suppose when people make waves it depends where you are in the ocean for it to matter in a positive or negative way.

Then I began to think about the truth. I am making my own life happen. Good or bad, I am doing things that make me okay with dying. I have no regrets. I wrote a book, I performed, I had my own theater and brought that to life as a childhood dream come true, played music, got to be Hamlet in Hamlet, and everything under the sun that I wanted to do in my life I accomplished. If for one time, or continuously. Not many people can say that. So yeah, those two guitar players made waves in the kiddy pool while I'm swimming in the ocean of life. I took a dump in the kiddy pool a long time ago. Become what you want in this life. Take chances. If anyone deserves it, it is you. We all deserve to do the things that make us happy.

Just don't hurt people physically, or kill them and you should be good! Make your own waves to show the world you are ready to get wet!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Face the faceless

• Face the faceless

Entertainment comes with some pretty interesting people. They are even more interesting when they are on the bottom floor. The bottom floor, level, the beginning stages, however you see fit. I even consider people 10 years, or more, in entertainment, beginners if they are doing what I call the “Oh, you're an entertainer too” face filled with discussed. Or to make it easier for everyone “Face the faceless” moment. These people who give you the face you “need” to see until then figure out they can't sell you on them, so now you get the face of their true purpose. Which means, maybe they didn't care in the first place and were making a fake face to get you interested. Truth be told, the truth works better than the sale.

Great example, I deal with entertainers all the time, and most of the time they don't realize I am an entertainer myself. I approach these people, while they are “barking” for a show; (Barking is when you stand out side and ask every person passing if they will come to your show) and they give me their full attention. I listen, talk, and am engaged to what they are presenting. The moment they find out I am an entertainer they make a face and walk away. Another example would be when I talk with any entertainer hanging out near a club and they ignore you. As if “Who do I think I am?” We all start at the bottom, but sometimes these people forget they too are at the bottom.

The truth is, I get it. You need to bring in people to make money, or even more sad, to do a free show and make other people money. The worst idea is that some of these people look at you as competition and thus they give you the stink-face. I get it, I really do. It still saddens me, as everyone should be working together and supporting one another. I suppose if they could see how it works for an already successful group of people, then they might change their tune. The person you think can't help you now might turn into the next person standing in your way for your “Big Break”. Look at Ted Alexandro, or Louis C.K. always working on projects with people they like... you know, friends they made in the business.

Be nice to everyone, you never know who someone is, or knows...

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