Friday, April 27, 2012

Creating possibility

Creating possibility

The biggest fear I see people have in entertainment is their fear of change. People become comfortable with who they are, what they have been doing and the safety of how “they know what they know”. In all honesty, most of the time they need only take a second and listen to themselves while looking around. If you are in the same place for more than 2 years, and you hear yourself saying things like; “I should be somewhere by now.”, or “I'm better than this...” and so on. Those are comments of a person that SHOULD be doing more. So what is keeping you from it? Maybe it is time to change things up.

I know I have over the years and it has done wonders for me.

Every year I look at my life and see what I need to change or readjust. It is okay to be wrong once in a while and figure out something is not working for you. It doesn't make you a failure. Failures give up, and or don't fix what is wrong. Who wants to just sit in the same chair for 10 years thinking about “if only” or “what if”? Not me. Everyone can do it. You just have to make changes. Look at what is going on around you. How people are getting a head, or not doing anything at all. My greatest gift in business is my ability to listen and observe success in others. It is what keeps my business going strong. I am not afraid to hear someone's advice.

If I didn't listen and respond to my life, and life around me, I'd be a part of the herd, not leading it!

What must one do to survive in this business? “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome... or perish”. There is a reason the armed forces use this mantra. It is important to be aware of your situation. When you don't have the money, Improvise, Adapt and Overcome... or you will perish. If you say you can't get to a place because of a scheduling conflict... Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.... or you will perish. If you have way more excuses than accomplishments, you are falling into the perish category. It is time to change your ways. Even if a little. Talk with someone to help brainstorm ideas for change. Go to a consulting firm, or a marketing firm.

Hell, that is what we do at my company BBR Productions Inc,. Can't afford our services?

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome... or just go to this page of our website and read our free tips that help guide people just a little in the correct direction. We help Overcome! ( )

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm acting my age, but not on stage; 

From summer to about January of this year I was acting about once a month in a play. I took some time off to work on my company and growing. This summer, I may be in another Shakespeare play. That is neither here nor there. As of now I am more interested in knowing I am an actor, muahaha... Okay, okay. The truth of the matter is I miss acting, and it comes down to me wanting the freedom of owning a company that allows me to do what I want. So, as the gigs come up I will happily take them, if time permits.

I may be an actor at heart, but I am a businessman by trade! Though, BBR Productions Inc, is working on finalizing our agency licenses, I look to get more audition opportunities from that. By working on finalizing, I mean, the paperwork was sent in and it is just a matter of time. Which is exciting. Not only do I get to sign my friends who are actors, to help the best I can, but I can add more clients to the list of ever growing work to BBR Productions Inc. So exciting, I can't handle it. Well, I can handle it a little. It is what I do.

Most of all, I've been really studying the art of listening. Why? Because acting is 90% reacting and 10% Acting. Of course, most of that 90% is instinctual based on the ear taking in words, your eyes witness to their motion and so forth. When acting, it is better to appear you are not acting. I practice this most of my days when I go to get food, or on line somewhere. I like to interact with individuals in a way that allows me to study what I am doing. This helps with acting, comedy, stand performance and my company handling seminars and other negotiating meetings. Everything I do has to work with each area I handle in life.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I miss drawing

I miss drawing;

I started my life out drawing. It was what calmed me down. It took me almost 18 years to realize I hate drawing stuff for other people. I wasn't ready to make a living off of drawing for other people. I enjoyed it greatly. How the colors came to life because my mind saw something. How I was able to express my imagination with ease, and at times my dreams would speak to me through any style of artistry I wanted.

It was when I started getting paid for it I decided it wasn't meant for me as a profession. This one customer had asked me to draw a photo on a page 4 feet by 2 feet. I did it, and he loved it, except for this little spot... right... there! If you were not alive in 1996/97, there were no computer programs worth our time when it came to drawing. Which meant I had to redraw the whole thing just to fix that little spot. I stayed away from working for people.

I also did some other things with art and found it wasn't for me. I was good at it too. I loved it, and drew all the time. Ultimately I found life in writing and music. That changed my life forever. I had more control over my music. I could also express any thought with writing. It just seemed to fit better. I don't draw anymore. My muscles for it kind of weakened and at best I can kind of get images out of my head. I do miss it, but it makes me sad to draw, and the time I would have to put into it just to get back to normal is not worth it.

Lucky for me, there is Photoshop! Now that I enjoy doing. Working from images and creating a new form of art. Just don't ask me to draw you something! One day, maybe never, but one day, who knows... I might pick up a pencil and create a masterpiece again.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Telling a joke here and there

Telling a joke here and there;

Comedy is one of those things I kind of feel into with my need to perform. I had just left TENEbRAE, and didn't want anything to do with music at the time. I then found myself in a weird situations where a doctor told me I might be dying. Great, death, that's what I needed! Good news, it turned out not to be a brain tumor. Bad news, it turned out not to be a brain tumor! Why do I say that? Because now what, what can I do with my life? That's right, I will LIVE my life to the fullest.

I decided everything I wanted to do was going to be done. I wrote my list out, a bucket list if you may, and started off on my journey. Comedy was first on that list. I always wanted to do it and thus, I AM GOING TO DO IT. I did it, and I love it. I don't love the business of dealing with people who are not successful. And not for the reasons you may be thinking. Hear me out. People who are successful work well with one another. Always finding work together and supporting one another. Unsuccessful people fight each other, make fun of the next guy and are always looking for ways to stab a person in the back.

Why is it successful people work with other people and unsuccessful people just want to get ahead? OH, that's right, because they don't get it. You need to work together. Speaking of working together, I am working out my routine for a show on Saturday June 16th 2012 with a buddy of mine, comedian “Stoney”. Whenever we have shows we always try and place the other comedian on it. The point is working together for the benefit of both. This event will be at the Knights of Columbus on 41 Horseblock RD, Centereach NY 11720.

I am excited because I live the advice I try to share here. I wish more people who take the time to live their dreams and work together. You'll be amazed at the difference in your career!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cleaning up the guitar

Cleaning up the guitar;

Ah my guitar gently weeps. Who am I kidding, my guitar wails out from burning souls being pulled from their peace and thrown into a raging fire... MEEEETAAAALLLLL!!!! So, I've been working on an acoustic album. Wow, now that is a crazy segway! And crazy as in the chimpanzee riding one either. I've decided to push forward on an album that will have versions of my much more heavier songs converted to acoustic. Some off the first album, second album that is being finalized and also a few older songs that I've not touched since the days of TENEbRAE.

I've come up with a nice set list. Originally I was going to play a live acoustic show and record it to have “Altayon in the Raw” set and done in one shot. Now I am in a situation where I can just record it and take my time with it. By time, I mean set a date when I should be done and call it a week! Well, a few months. I give the weekends to my projects, and the week to my company. I've already finished setting up 2 of the 10 songs. So we'll see what happens from there. I'm only debating if I should have piano and strings on this album or just two acoustic guitars and a bass with all the vocals.

So, I am cleaning up my guitar to record again. I have no recorded since 2007. This will be my first time sitting to record something nice in five years. I have to set a goal to record a new album once a year or what is the point? Time to make goals and get things going. The life of an entertainer is about being entertaining. Even for myself. So when you plan things out always be aware of your time restraints. Set SMART Goals and make life happen. I've be at this thing called music since I was about 9 years old. Which is a long time ago. I really have not been playing, but once I played live again on Saturday the 14th of April, I was hooked!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Macabre was more than Faire

Macabre was more than Faire;

Took some time this weekend to be more than just me. It was about 3 things this weekend. 1) Altayon, 2) Comedy, and 3) BBR Productions Inc! I had a plan and I made it happen. I did some comedy as The Undead Comic on Friday, then I played some music with my band on Saturday. When it came down to it my company was active all weekend, all three days.

There is a reason we are given great opportunities. Make the best of what you have not, and what you have. I have always been a worker of everyday. You get nowhere sitting around waiting. I practice what I teach. It has been this way ever since I thought better of myself getting taken advantage of. I know life is short, life is fleeting...

Try holding onto your choices. You can or cannot. Image you wanted something so bad you know you deserve it... well, it doesn't come to you because you want it, it comes to you because you go after it! That is what I do, that is what I suggest. So, what did I do this weekend? I should say, what did I not do this weekend?

I had free CD's for my band to handout, made as many networking possibilities as I could and I pushed forward my web-show, Make A Right Left Here TV! I also helped people out but asking them about them. They talked with me about all they have to offer and I was happy to give them the floor! It was amazing doing this thing I call “Working together”

Read a little into this blog (BBR Productions Inc) for information regarding what it is I teach. Then, read a little into this blog you are on now about what it is I do now. You'll see I am all about three things... Networking, Marketing and Practicing! Make your life happen by making things happen!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

3 of 1 of me

3 of 1 of me;

I was in a band compiled of 7 musicians. Most of the time they limited themselves to practicing for shows. I was lucky enough that they also performed at shows. Occasionally someone asked them if they were in a band. It seemed as if marketing, and networking were limited to almost nothing. On the other hand, I had a “partner” helping with more than a little, but less than a lot. I did almost everything. That caused me to slow down to almost a lull, out of anger. I allowed emotion to control my progression.

After leaving that band I started a new band a few years later. That band is titled “Altayon”. Oddly enough, it was just me in the beginning. And on my own I got more done in less than a year than that other band did with 7 people over 10 years. I had a full album done in three months, where as only 3 to 5 song demos were recorded with that other band. I also had more radio play, press done on “Altayon”, and brand awareness than before. All by my lonesome I pushed forward bringing “Altayon” to #2 on Reverbnation's metal charts (Middle Island, NY).

My point is, if you want it, make it happen. Bring your reality to dreams because you want it. If you are in a band of 7 or 30 people musicians, and you want it more than ever, then you do it. You make it happen. If they help, awesome! If not, so what! Do what is needed to see success come to a project. Remember, the project is more important than you. The name of that project is its strength. Its branding is more important than anything else. Members come and go, ideas falter, but a name's branding lives on and on!

Moving on to this moment. I have been acting in plays, performing comedy, jamming out with “Altayon” and of course running my business. What does that mean? Well, I am one person making my dreams come true and I know you can as well. This weekend alone I will be performing at the Macabre Faire in 3 different ways. This gig came out of me acting in a few plays with a company called “TwitchTwitch Productions”. That gig in the past lead to this moment now... So... Saturday (04.14.12) I'll be performing during the day with an acoustic set of “Altayon” music. At night, I will be throwing some jokes around as the “Undead Comic”. Finally, my company “BBR Productions Inc,” will be doing a seminar.

Talk about taking advantage of hard work! 3 of 1 of me making things happen. Why am I telling you this? Because I know you can do it. If I can, you can. Maybe my stories from inside the field of entertainment will inspire you to be more than what you have been doing. Maybe, when you are down and out you will set forth and push through those walls. Become more than a dream, become your personal accomplishments!!! Be true to your path, let nothing or no one say no to you. Don't do for others, or the lack of others. If you want it, DO IT!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rebel with a cause

Rebel with a cause;

For an entertainer a birth means only one thing... Less work. Is that true? My birthday is this month, and I don't really celebrate it, so I have another year to consider what to do. I've always been good at setting goals to make good choices for my personal career. Though, I've always allowed emotions to move me a little from here to there. Be it love in a relationship or something I felt so strongly about that I was willing to slow down.

Over the years, as I... -clears throat- aged, I've sped up. I am becoming more busy, more aware of what is needed to make my life acceptable to me. I am happy over the last year, making good moves in my life and seeing myself since I could last remember. My favorite change in life is my company. I really stepped it up over the last year and it allows me two things. One, helping others achieve their life dreams. Two, making my dreams become a reality too.

I've also reconnected with some past friends, who've I missed dreadfully, and lost some friends on the way. That's what happens in life. We meet new people, miss older ones, and sometimes get a chance to reconnect. I have never felt like I lost a friend. I feel anything can happen. Who knows, that friend could comes back. Though, it is not about that for me. It is about the moment. I am making and breaking rules each day to see my life glow. The brighter my life glows the more I can help others.

This year is all about setting up great things for next year. I have a lot going on for my own personal projects, two books coming close to conclusion, and a lot of projects my business is handling. A major goal for next year; film our first fully produced pilot for a TV show. I am excited about that, and I don't get excited. Remember, it gets hard out there sometimes, but it is not the challenges ahead that makes us who we are, or slows us down, it is how we choose to deal with said challengers! Become possibilities!

Monday, April 2, 2012



The world of conventions can be an interesting one. You have a chance of seeing people show up dressed up in some freaky looking designs, self made or purchased. Then you have people who come dressed up like characters from comic books, movies, TV, or because that's how they normally look. You also get to see old men checking out younger women. That's my favorite. The convention list grows each year. This weekend, there were two at the same time in NY. I-con, and New York Comic Book Marketplace.

Both have the same idea. Get thousands of people into one area to spend tons of money while venders (tables/companies) pay for the space. It's an exciting time. One was focused around comic books, comic book movies and the artists who create them. I had fun there, worked my company's booth and also got to mingle and hear wonderful stories from all sorts of people. I-con, I missed. I have worked I-con before, and it's the same principle as all of them. I-con is more fantasy and movie based then NYCBM. They have actors come in to sign head shots, YAY!

Me, what does this mean for me as the traveling entertainer? It means networking and exposure. I also practiced those two things and my ability to hone my craft anywhere and everywhere. While I was there I finagled my way onto a radio pod cast show, a TV show, and into the grace of people of importance. Today is Monday the 2 of April, I met these people on Saturday March 31, so now what? Follow up, that's what! I waited the weekend over, and most of them already sent me emails wanting to talk... now I have to respond. The life of an entertainer is one part talk, one part marketing and ten parts respond!

So take what hard work I put into this event and learn from it. Through my experience may it become your experience. I enjoyed my time there, but why didn't I see you there? Always makes me wonder why people are where they are, they I realize they are not putting in the effort. I guess with time everyone will find their rhythm!