Sunday, December 18, 2016

5 Secrets Agents Don't Tell You About Auditions

Tip of the week : Getting an audition without an Agent

Actors rely on auditioning to help grow their career. How can an actor get more auditions to increase their chances of booking work without an agent? An agent does help send an actor out for auditions from time to time. Fear not, there are ways to procure auditions without the assistance of an agent.

Below are a few helpful tips to get auditions on your own.

Build opportunities : Get together with friends to create self made work. A small team could make Short Films, Web Series, even Sketches and get it on film. Nowadays you can film a high quality project on a cell phone. Building relationship with people for better equipment and locations.

Reach out to Local Filmmakers : Leapfrogging off the above idea, get a bit more aggressive and contact local student filmmakers or student theater directors. Students are always searching for actors to help them get a good grade and even to see their film win local awards.

People responsible for it all : Take a little time and research people you would be delighted to work with. Get their information on a site like IMDb Pro. Once their address is obtained send them a personalized letter / post card or even a sincere email. This is what an agent does for you. Go direct!

Be selflessly generous : Even if you have no work coming in for you and something comes up, recommend talented colleagues and friends for the work. Extending a hand will lead to generosity in return. More importantly, that generosity will spread through the field into the ears of people of note.

3 Quick notes : Contact your local film office to see what is filming or in development. Get a heads up on the business end! Utilize your social media and scan what is going on and what others are doing. First and foremost look inward at your own contacts. Build and cultivate those relationships.

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If you need a little blurb “about me” here you go. But please, read it with an English Accent. Or a really bad Australian accent.

Originally a Musician from Long Island playing with 'TENEbRAE' for 10 years. Thomas J. Bellezza moved onto Acting / Stand-Up Comedy / Producing / Raising Capital. Creating 'BBR Productions Inc' and 'oh DEER! Productions' in 2003 to help consult, market, and produce ideas into reality. From 2005 till now, multiple performance tours were produced, live shows to raise money for both Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer research. Having owned fully polished performance theater in Holbrook, NY he helped others open their shows including his own productions. Currently he is associated with a mass media project with a group of talented individuals known as 'Team Rise Together'.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Music, brings us together

• Music, brings us together

Been in a music kick since getting back to things in life. Cancer really kicked my butt. A part of the healing process for me is having a creative outlet to drive my motivation into overdrive. Music comes easy to me. Even if others think it's not top quality, the process of writing and playing is within me. It soothes and calms my soul. Since getting my operation my goal is to keep writing and cleaning up music to play it live, even if for one last time. We will be helping to raise money and awareness toward fighting cancer and giving to a foundation to help others as I was helped.

I am deeply grateful for all the people in my life helping me accomplish things while I get my sea legs back in action. Getting my production company going, writing a TV show and pitching it with six studios interested, and even a bunch of musicians I appreciate coming along and learning music for this show. Friendship is more than a conversation to me it is a connection of possibilities in life. Moving and speaking without words to find a greater good in life. I have some of the best friends in the world. And without them, their love, and support, I would not be sitting here today.

The goal is to have one hour and thirty minutes ready for July. Sixteen songs compiled of old songs from my TENEbRAE days being cleaned up, songs written specifically for my Altayon project and of course I am trying very hard to have one new song completed by then. Everything is coming along as I have nine of the sixteen songs transcribed and sent to my buddies to learn. There is nothing more beautiful than coming together for both a cause and joy of playing together. This is going to be one amazing year 2017 and I am already excited to be alive again since July 18th, 2016. Be alive!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tip of the week : 3 Dangers of relying on a safety net

3 Dangers of relying on a safety net

Taking a chance is a risk filled with endless anxieties or riveting sensations of adrenaline coursing through a person's veins. Jumping out of a plane into a hopeful career of choice is deathly scarier. There are people who want that one big break to get around taking a chance. They want to hold on to a safety net before leaping to a great possible fall.

People becoming extremely successful in any given career is at a rate of about 5%. I personally don't believe this. I believe that you can make success happen if you are actively proactive in making your company grow! With a little effort each day, a plan, and turning your inactive hours into active hours toward your ultimate goal, it is with that your chance taking will become calculated!

Here are 3 Dangers of Relying of a safety net.

1) Relying on a safety net will make it so you never truly leave the plane. How can you jump wholeheartedly while holding on to what could be: like waiting for that one in a million chance opportunity to come through. Fearing the failure of chance taking is a part of learning. Our muscles grow by tearing them and working harder at it. Fear lifting too much weight and you will get nowhere.

2) Not having a plan. A plan is the bases of getting ahead of the game. It doesn't have to be a fully complete plan. Just one that has your brain thinking and covers these following areas; How you will Network to build your relationship and inner circle. What Marketing strategy will you put into place for your Brand. Set up a list of SMART Goals, Long Goals, and map out your schedule. AND, budget.

3) Waiting for other people to help, accomplish, assist, or in general be involved to get their tasks completed. Holding onto the efforts of others and waiting for them to come through is a frail way of trying to not take blame. When others don't complete given tasks it is still up to you to come through. If you want to be successful, you have to be responsible for the outcome, not others.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Things I've learned while learning

• Things I've learned while learning

If I am to be tired of anything it is what I am learning while I am learning. A sad feeling comes over me as I embrace my powers of observational exercises. People can be unaware, unsure, and unkind if you let them. There are good people out there too. I've seen it from time to time. What I never understood is the meanness and hate. But that is not why I am writing this today. I want to explore what I learn from it.

What I do in life starts and ends with actions that make me happy. I want to see a better world so I do better, or as best I can. I want people to help one another so I help and I inspire others to help. Peace is a hope I live with everyday. To see a land without borders. Each day I awake I try and peer into the hole of opportunity. Seeing if I can fill it up with even a grain of sand echoing into change. If my action can change a tear of water, or move a mountain over tens of thousands of years than it is worth it.

I want to know that life is worth it. Fighting Cancer is no joke. It is a life changer, but I am more than welcoming of being cured for good. There is a lot to experience in this life. Yes I feel grander when I am touching it and moving it. Some times the best part of life isn't getting that awesome car, but speaking with a person for days about stimulating possibilities! Happiness comes in many shapes... for me it develops while I learn when learning!

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

3 things to help your career in Entertainment

Tip of the week : 3 things to help your career in Entertainment

Been in the game too long with nothing really going on? Feel a mostly stagnant, or horizontal movement, to every effort? Things need to change up in life to make a difference. A career is considered nowhere if in 5+ years nothing is happening. Truth is, something is being done incorrectly or not at all. Talent is one part of many sides to success, longevity, and ultimately a person's purpose in life. These 3 things will help any career find a footing to step up their game.

1) Know the business you are in. An actor should know more than how to act. Acting is what they do, it is not their job. A job always entails specific ins and outs of getting, maintaining, and growing at any given career. Learn how the business works. A great starting point is to break up needed tasks for a specific career. Below is an example list to get the brain thinking.

Look at life and a career as a Triangle. There are three main sides, then the front and back.
3 Needs of Success : Network, Market, Practice.
3 Needs of Longevity : Management (Time, Money, and People), Entrepreneur Brain, Talent.
3 Needs of Purpose : Security, Growth, and Dream.
Front : 8 Assets to invest in.
Back : Treat your life like a business (Go incorporate yourself).

2) Change the brain, change the game. Regroup focus from thinking 'talent = work', or 'work = work'. Could it, yes? But the idea of a career and building longevity comes from being proactive. Focus effort in an entertainment career the same way a business owner does for their donut shop. Making donuts is what they do (Acting equivalent), but they budget, manage their company, and find solutions.

3) Work together, grow together, and rise together. Whatever game this is the more team players a person has the better chance they can win a game. The amount is important, as is the value. Look around your team and see where they are. If they are doing what you are doing, then change your circle. Or at least expand out into other circles too. Who you hang around benefits who you are.

If you are the smartest and most successful person in the room then you are in the wrong room.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016


• Poetry

Where does poetry come from? Is it an art form? Poetry of life is an answer to a questions I have been seeking since I could remember. How things flow, why they flow, who moves us the most? It comes from our passion when we least expect. Sitting before a blank page until words dance out into an every laying grave. That seemed a tad morose, so I digress, open your thoughts to moving effort.

I look at poetry as action. If on paper or through movement. We create poetry when we interact fluently with others. Helping people find ways to connect to their dreams, or even when a person simply is motivated by a little smile. We can paint the world together if we choose to move rhythmically upon it. Let music flow silently inside you through your desires, pounding in your heart.

Become a deafening advance on the world around you. When the world stops moving, and humans no longer exist, let our history be known in the memory of our spirits. Remain in life because your purpose was recognized. Add to the people of Earth, and touch the energy of chance. I am happy to become the poetry I seek in life and I wish for you to find yours.

Cave upon me your willingness
And I shall lift your worries away
Touch what I cannot see today
Inspiring my dreams of sun rays

Lifting emptiness in full reach
Our arms stronger if we preach
No war can come from friends
Life will praise peace hand in stand

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