Monday, December 31, 2012

Who is your favorite... blank?

• Who is your favorite... blank?

I have a TV series in the works for less than a year now. I am up to the third episode and still, I need two more before we can really get negotiations down. Anyone can write a script. In fact, anyone can do anything they want to do. Will it be good? Maybe. What makes it good? Who knows. All I know is, I've been writing these things and I've found that I have no problem letting the information out of my head. That's the easy part. It takes me about sixteen hours to write an hour long show. It's the editing that hurts. I am glad I have help.

Help. Help is important. Another person who is emotionally detached from your project. They are seeing your work with a different brain. So if they are confused at what you are presenting, I am sure others will be too. Obviously I know what I am writing about, but do others? So, help is important. The other thing is, doing. Doing is really the hardest part. Putting aside time, and the such. So, I've been doing script writing, comedy, acting, and playing music... so with all my doing, I always get asked this questions...

Who is your favorite... blank? I have always thought this question to make no sense. For me at least. Who am I to have a favorite? Hey, I enjoy things. Many things, but believe it or not, I may or may not like everything someone does. My mind tries to stay away from judging. If I think someone is my favorite then what happen to the people that are not my favorite? Why should they be ignored? I suppose, I am a supporter of people who are doing their craft. If a person is doing, then I like it. I may not enjoy it, or everything they do, but still.

When I see someone doing what they love I am so happy for them. To me, It is about those trying. So many want to do but are scared. To me, those people have already failed. They could, however, make a come back by trying. If we are talking business, Micheal Bay is a madman for successful outcomes. Lately, everything he touches makes a ton of money. Steven Spielberg has done 4 billion over his lifetime. Then-again, Martin Scorsese grossed just under a billion and he's thirty-third on the list. Micheal Bay is FOURTH! Wow...

So who is your favorite... anything?

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Jeer?

• Holiday Jeer?

Merry... I have no idea what one can say here without offending people. Including, what I just said. I love the holidays, I am just not a fan of them. As an entertainer you could make a lot of money working on a holiday. It only cost you your friends, family, and time. I'm saying, the sacrifices a person makes in life to accomplish success sometimes takes away from the value of life. What should one do? What do I do? Me, I work 365 days a year. I take off on February 29th. Because I deserve one day off. In ten years, I will have all my freedom.

I found celebrating everyday, as if it were my last day, works better for me. I am a fan of being around loved ones. Celebrating the time you have, had, and will have with them. Contributing to a day every so often seems almost devaluing. Why must I be forced to celebrate something because that day says I must? How about celebrating that day, person and loved one because you are alive, you are with them, you are around in a world living your life?

I think it is beautiful that people celebrate things, but getting upset over saying “Happy Holiday” or “Merry Christmas” kills me. This time of year is packed with an overload of events. People sometimes assume I have no holiday spirit. What they fail to realize is my spirit goes through the whole year. I am celebrating every moment of my life. I don't need to wait for a special day to express that. I am a fan of life. Besides, black Friday is violent, people spend all their hard earned $ on gifts, and for what? To save face?

Do something nice for a person. Spend time with them. Go take a walk with them. Better yet, give them your time and talk with them. Enjoy life, be of life... live. I suppose I'm a hopeless romantic with life. I want it to be something more than the value of what I bought, or was given. I want it to be an adventure. An adventure with people I love deeply. Being an entertainer allows me to see the darker sides of holidays, but it also lets me see life in a brighter light. I'm grateful for my sacrifices/fears, because it gives me a new look on life.

I want to wish everyone a holiday of life. Enjoy your family, friends and possibilities. Take your holiday today, tomorrow, or whenever, just remember... the love you have today, and the joy you feel right now, bring that with you into everyone moment you live. Turn your Holiday Jeer into a perfect sense of CHEER!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the world

• End of the world

Great news, we are still all alive. Who knows what people really thought with our ends in mind. It gets you thinking. What do you want to do with your life? Are you doing it? Have you created steps to make your life happen? I think we should live as if the end is coming. Why? Well, it is going to end, in one way or another, for each of us. The Earth might be fine, but our fragile bodies can only take so much. Why give our bodies to a life we are not enjoying? I know what it is, you have no money. I got ya.

How about creating a budget to place your life into a direction you want? Have you ever heard of "placing all your eggs into one basket"? Or spend less than you save? I am certain most people have been told to invest. Though, the fear of investing is scarier than taking a chance at life... or is it? I remember when I was told the world was ending for me. I changed my whole life around and created the “bucket list”. What else did I do? I mean for an entertainer to be resilient, one must make sacrifices, but also, have a plan.

I created S.M.A.R.T. Goals. I invested my money. I also set forth a plan based on maintaining control. That's the secret, maintaining control. Of course, the hardest part about all this, is the act of “doing”. Motivating yourself to do, is where I struggled in the beginning. Any human can want, but to do and get, well, that's a whole other story. So how did I do it? What is the secret to my success? I create opportunities with my above list. I will let you all in on a little secret, place your money into three wonderful needs; Security, Growth, and Dream.

• Security; is a need to protect me when my invests me go bad, or if I am working less than enough to pay a bill off. So I place at least 20% of my earnings over expenses into this need. At the end of every month I make sure I do this. I turned it into a habit.

• Growth; being another need for my purpose, I dedicated another 20% of my earnings over expenses into this need as well. Any money in here was for me to freely invest as needed. This was my way of creating income out of money working for me, while I could do the things I needed to do to become successful.

• Dream; To own a theater. Well, not a theater, but a place that allowed me to be around entertainment, and also have the freedoms to do the things I loved. I saved 20% of my earnings over expenses into this as well. The smart part is I still do this, even though I am in the realm of my own success.

I know this is a long blog, but really, if the world was going to end, and we had a date for that ending, what would you have wanted to do before it ended? I would want to have lived a life I called my own. Make things happen by making things happen. If you are stuck with no money, or time, create that freedom with these 3 needs. Hell, save up enough money to support yourself for one full year, or even two years. Then, quit your job and make your life your job... Make your dream your life. It only gets better from here if you make the choice to take the chance! Peace in harmony.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Bucket of Lists

• A Bucket of Lists

Some people make a nice long Bucket List. I, going above and beyond the normal amount sanity, have created a few bucket lists. A bucket of lists... or A bucket of bucket lists as one might put it. What does that mean? Well, over the years I have completed my original bucket list. Minus that one little trip to Ireland. I am working on it, okay! It is in my 5 year plan. So, I decided to come up with a list for different parts of my life. What kind of things? Well, a bucket list is kind of personal, but I will say this much.

Each item on the list is a great mental goal towards action. Action, the act of doing. I would like to accomplish certain things in each field of my life. More in the acting field, comedy, music, and so on. I also would like to see my company grow, as it is a part of my life. Ultimately, I want to see others grow. I want to inspire people around me to become what their dreams have been growing in them. Each person alive must have a right to their dreams coming true. In my opinion, anything that doesn't hurt another person of course.

So what makes something worth doing? A desire to have it done. Where does this freedom come from? For me, I created opportunities through organizing my life into a little thing I call “The Triangle of Life”. Something I came up with to help me create a strong habit of doing. I follow each side to help me get where I am. Maybe one day I'll show people how I did it, but for now, be constant. Create goals in life and make them happen by making them happen. This world is beautiful, keep your self motivated to see it. To a world of next year!!!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Letter of Reason

• Letter of Reason :

A fellow blogger asked me to post some photos of a play I am in over at The Rose Theater. We have performed the play 3 times now. It is getting better with each go at it. With a steady crowd, I've learned a little from each of them after the performance. Some get the stories from the beginning. Others, more towards the end. What I like, is each person gets something different out of it.

I had one couple, a mixed couple, here last night watching the play. Since the play is about an old man from the 60's who was in a mixed relationship, it gave me a nice sense of direction. That I was giving more than a story about this subject. This man told me it made him think about his time growing up during the 60's and 70's. That was a great compliment to me.

I, myself was in a mixed relationship when I was in my early … oh yeah, entertainers stay away from age. I was younger than I am now. The relationship went on for a few years. I remember dealing with people looking at us in a bad way. I even remember one moment where we didn't get survived at a particular resturant. Oh, fun times indeed. NOT... so, here you go, enjoy the photos.

Actor (Thomas J. Bellezza) – Character (Jacob)
Actor (Adam Ginsberg) – Character (Old Man)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A press release

• A press release

I have written a few Press Releases in my time. Which poses the questions; How does one write a Press Release AND how many people have written one for their careers in entertainment? First, the rules of a Press Release (Networking / Marketing).

Capture the 5 W's in your opening paragraph; Who, What, Where, When, and Why of your story.
Use clear, simple sentences throughout; To the point, and easy to understand.
Include quotes to enliven the text.
Be brief; Not wear briefs. Okay you should wear briefs. I mean, keep your release to a single page.
Use a closing paragraph; Wrap up the message.
Always include contact information; This info helps for possible follow-ups.
Photos; Whenever possible, since photos increase usability.
Reread, reread, and then revise; Leave no extraneous verbiage. (I just wanted to use the word verbiage)

--Below is a real example--



A tradition of bringing community theater to life, “The Rose Theater” (WHO) is staging a new original 1 Act production of Thomas J. Bellezza's “Letter of Reason” (WHAT) in Holbrook; 1320 Lincoln Ave Holbrook NY 11741 (WHERE), from the Wednesday, December 12th to Sunday, December 30th (WHEN). An interesting journey as a Report interviews an old white man, who fought for Civil Rights in the 60's, learns a little more about himself and a little more about his interviewer. (WHY)

Director Thomas J. Bellezza, who happily opened The Rose Theater to give people a chance to bring reality to their dreams, says “Even the message has a say, and the little I have to add is nothing compared to what you'll take from this play. A community play is intimate, and filled with unexpected magic. I love the way an audience can walk through a play with the actors and feel something. Be moved into emotions; laughter, sadness, hope, or tears.”

With a full winter and summer season filled for this new theater in Holbrook, let your Holiday December be entertained. Have a present you want to give? Give the gift of the stage. Gift certificates for Plays, Classes and other events.

Tickets are priced at $20 for general admission, there are coupons for $5 off, and seniors get a %25 discount, which are available at The Rose Theater box office or by calling 631.599.2263. An every growing crowd, so advance reservations are strongly suggested. Attached are photos of the event.

Contact: The Rose Theater; Lauren Huttle or Thomas J. Bellezza, 631.599.2263

--Above is a real example--

Also, remember, a timely submission to your local editors is also appreciated. The sooner the better! Good luck, and feel free to come on down to The Rose Theater.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another year? Almost

• Another year? Almost

A few more weeks till we'll be in the year 2013. I'm pretty excited. When I was younger I would figure out which year it would be when I was 20. Of courses that year was... wait a minute, entertainers don't give away their age. What have I learned this year? Friends are good to have around. They center you. They calm your needs and help relax your running brain. It's good to laugh once in a while, so tight friends and family are important. I also learned that some friends are far from being friends. This is a lesson I keep learning. You figure out who is using you, and you just embrace it. They'll only be around long enough to drain themselves of your resources. Which is okay by me. I'm still strong enough to keep moving forward.

One thing I did realize this year is; a growth comes from those around you. Yes, one must be strong enough to keep their motivation going, but ultimately, you need a group of trustworthy people. I have a pretty good team around me. A wonderful partner in business. A working crew that makes things happen under my direction. My entertainment career and personal company are growing in a nice steadily direction upward! Believe in those who have earned it. It's very important to understand one person can only do so much. Let your guard down just enough to trust the trustworthy to handle certain things. I am already seeing a great year ahead of me, and so far, I've not even hit the first of 2013.

One other thing that you might find interesting to take with you; Be prepared. Have your list of life in front of you. Know what you want and go after it. Some people are always in prep mode. Learn to know when prep mode must turn into “Perform” mode. It is indeed a hard business out there to keep your life in the growth side. I have faith in me, and you. I hope my readers continue following my blogs, not for a narcissistic reason, but for a Growth reason. That we all learn something together. Maybe my thoughts will help inspire another human. Maybe I'll be inspired by a “like, or comment” or even a new follower which would lead me to read an amazing blog. Let's inspire each other for the next 365 days... oh and additional 27 days left to this year!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is it worth it?

• Is it worth it?

I've been living this life of entertainment since way before 97'. I remember finding art as a way to express myself. I also remember art becoming the last thing I wanted to do for a living. It's a hard business. When I started out they really didn't have computers and I found drawing was more of a personal pleasure. Was it worth it? No. To me, it was not worth the fight to draw for a living. It was worth it for me to draw for me. I found the written word and music. It has always been worth it in my mind to make a living through the written word and music. It has helped me fine my personal thoughts, connect with people and bring something for others to take with them. Is it worth it? Yes, yes it was and is!

One thing I have learned through working with groups of entertainers; Comedians, Actors, Directors, Musicians, even artists, etc. is how very few people get along. They might act nice around them. They might even play nice when working with one another. Are they all friends inside? I am going to say not as much as it should be to benefit everyone. I hear a lot from all these people about “Me, me, me, me!”. Rarely do I hear people speak in the “you” sense. This business grows when people work together. It's about growth, money should be secondary. Money will come with effort, growth and relationships. When people fight each other, even behind the scenes, nothing gets done. Is it worth it? To me, no. Why do this if you're fighting to be alone?

What is the worth if it all? I've asked to myself a lot. I'll tell you, my lovely readers, it is worth it. I've met some many wonderful souls doing this. I've met a lot of douche-bags too. Hell, I am sometimes considered a douche-bag to people who don't get me. I might just be forgetting that about others. I really try to like the douche-bags... I do, try. Back to hope. I love this business so much. Everyday I am learning something new about myself, people and the business. Make things happen by making things happen. That's the secret. Is it worth it? Is it really worth it? The hard work, the headaches from douche-bags, the emotions of failing, everything comes with this life? Yes, yes it is. I am proud of what life I am living. One day at a time!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drunk on power

Drunk on power

I made a vow when I was younger to stay clean of drugs, cigarettes, and drinking. I was younger than 10 years old, which made it all the more powerful to my soul. I saw people drunk all the time. Cigarettes smell is disgusting, unattractive, and just never made sense to me. By the time I was 15 I had already seen what drugs can do to people. Are all drugs bad? To be honest, I have to care if other people do any of the aforementioned vices, I vowed to be clean for myself. We made choices for ourselves, not for others. Even people trying to get help for their addictions must make the choice for their hearts before taking the road to recovery.

When I got into entertainment it was always my dream to open a venue where people could come and see quality shows. I also wanted a place where people who were starting out could get that opportunity. I had no intention of selling liqueur, beer, or anything that required me to have a small chance of drunk people running around like headless chickens. Who wants to come to a theater when it is dangerous to walk outside because come random person is scream and falling over themselves? It devalues the place. So, people can come here buy drinks in the shape of soda, water, coffees, hot coco, and so on. Snakes too, they are yummy.

My point is this; I was told I was being selfish because there are people out there who do like to drink. I should be thinking of their needs and not mine. That, “If I am not interested in making a lot of money, then what is the point”. I make money on my company BBR Productions Inc., We are a marketing company. The theater is just a pleasant extra gift. I am far from being selfish. In fact, how the story goes I use to work as a cashier at a supermarket. The cashier next to me sold beer to a guy who ended up crashing into a car filled with a full family. They all died, except the drunk.

The catalyst for that accident was my next door cashier. I would never want to be the cause of another human(s) life to be taken. Am I selfish? Sure, because “I” would like people to live. “I” would like people to come to my place and have fun. It's not a place to get drunk because a show has no quality. People dying is not my business. I am fearful that people are not responsible when it comes to drinking. They might be, but I don't know, and thus I can't take a chance. I wouldn't want that on my employees, my company name, or my soul. If people want to drink, have fun somewhere else.

The Rose Theater is for individuals looking for a fun, safe, and pleasant show.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some is better than none

• Some is better than none

“A little a day.” That's what I told myself when I got into the swing of things. Entertainment is difficult. It is designed to keep the unmotivated out of the loop. Survives are hard workers. Those individuals pushing through a strong ocean wave after being knocked out. Then dragged through a rock bottom splash while coming up for a second breath before getting taken under again. That's when you are made or broken. Are you willing to fight through these attempts only to fail over and over again? If yes, then you will... correction, you are successful.

I've seen it a thousand times. Bands, actors, comedians, you name it, they have one small hick-up and they give up. “What do you mean I have to market my self?”, “What do you mean I have network and build relationships?”, “Wait, I have to put money into this and not have a job... well how will I pay my bills?” How will you pay your bills? What do you want to do with your life? These are questions I've asked myself after hearing all these naysayers. I want this life, I am this life. It's about sacrifice. Any job, even a teacher has to sacrifice their freedoms to earn an education enough to teach. Then they have to put the time in.

I found a solution to this when I was learning the hard road is very much easier than I thought. “Some is better than one”. I live by that. If I do one thing a day, at the least, then I know I did something. I end up doing more a day now than I use to. However, that one thing a day kept me moving forward on lazy days. I've seen people complain everyday (which is kind of doing something a day) though it really is doing nothing. Brainstorm, think things through and make things happen by making things happen. Occasionally I find myself enjoying the words of others and their inspiration.

Need motivation? Here is a “TIP A DAY” blog. I have faith in you... as I have faith in me!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


• Stalkers

I am well known enough, as a celebrity, to know what a stalker is. I mean, I am no Brad Pitt, but I have been known to be stopped in public from time to time. This comes from my entertaining ways! Love entertaining, hate being stalked. Let's say a great deal of celebrities hate being loved by stalkers. I could only image what an every day kind of person must feel like. At least a celebrity gets attention right away to stop said crazy person.

I've dealt with a few here and there, the worst form of stalker are the aggressive types. So much so they interrupt your personal life. I can understand sending love letters, or even playing around through emails. That's fine. I have one major rule when it comes to my life; My personal life is personal and my professional life is professional. I have very few personal things on the inter-web. My presence online is all business. The select few people who are my dear friends and family know the difference.

It is a way I can protect the ones I love. I try to keep anything personal from hitting the web. Because I had a moment where someone started attacking an ex girlfriend of mine. Which was horrible for both me and her. Now, I don't even connect that with people. Most people have no idea if I am in a relationship or not. Only my close friends and family know the truth. Personally, I like it that way. I care about the people in my circle and I am scared to have them be approached by adoring fans.

Point of notice; Stalkers, please give celebrities and individuals the privacy they deserve. Now, celebrities who want this privacy, try and keep your personal things off the internet. This message has been brought to you by Make A Right Left Here...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Control yourself

• Control yourself

People have always interested me. Studying life is a very important part of my own personal life along with my business world. One thing I have noticed in entertainment are four types of people; Timid, Arrogant, Leaders, and Controlling. Me, I am a leader. I take charge when things have to get done. I freakout if I am standing still for far too long. Things have to get done. I've learned if you care about something stop blaming it on others for not getting done. I can do it, so do it, and get it done!

Timid people have always surprised me. When you feel they might not have it in them to make things happen they blow your mind with their success. Out of nowhere they create opportunities and go with it. Timid doesn't always mean they are nice. They just keep to themselves. Arrogant, well, everyone knows what that is. These people have it in them to be great if only they were humble enough to know better. I have little to no problem with these three mentioned. In fact, I wish someone would take lead more often.

People who are controlling have one thing in common : They have no control in their lives. Either their parents, loved ones, boss, partner, or outside source is controlling them. In some cases they are just so lost in their own life that they are dictated by their lack of direction. Whatever it be, they need to find control over others to feel better. This is done by nitpicking every little thing they see. Having the last words is a quick sign of this person type. I feel they may have yet to find true purpose, love, and understanding in their life.

Dealing with them is always a challenge if you let them take you over. Be stronger than them and find your path growing. I broke free many a times from people like this and now I have a great deal of control in my life. My soul is happier knowing I make choices for each step I take. Sometimes things fall down, but I get right back up. Trials and tribulations are a great learning tool to move up and onward. Let these people bobble their heads around and enjoy your life while they can barely enjoy their own.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sitting in thought

• Sitting in thought

That was some left hook! I've always wondered why people take hits with worry. A problem comes up and they lay on the floor adding weight to the situation. Knowing what is holding you back is one thing. Concentrating on problems that are out of your control is another. When people speak their mind to “help” a situation it seems almost impossible to move forward when everything out of their mouths is about the problem.

I'm a man of solutions. Yes, I want to know what the issue is. Yes, I want to figure out what must happen to resolve said issues. Yes, I enjoy thinking forward while staying away from what is holding me back. How do I break free, over, all the bad that is or could come to me. Information is more powerful than anything else in this world. Take it in and utilize it. Any sign of weakness and you'll find your soldiers running for the hills.

Be a leader. That's who I am. Take control. When I have no control I feel weakest. I do have control in every situation. Why? Because I take control so things get done. There is always something to be done, that's how I look at it. If you have time to lean you have time to clean. My job is to find ways to bring in work, delegate it, and ensure things are getting done on time. My other job is to be a professional me.

Make things happen by making things happen...

Friday, November 9, 2012


• Sleepy

Everyone hears me say this as much as possible; You must work 365 days a year. What you don't hear me say is, make sure you get enough sleep. Working everyday can consist of an hour or more, to just completing one simple task. This whole week I've been breaking the rule of getting enough sleep. I have chosen to sacrifice a lot of my personal time, sleep time and friends time so I can get this new 6,200 square foot theater up and running.

We have an opening show this Sunday, and the Theater is just about done. A little more paint, some nails, maybe even a bit more trim. I still need sleep, but hey, the things we do for our dreams to come true. I know I will be sleeping most of the day on Monday just to catch back up. Lesson learned body, lesson learned. So, since Monday I've been working from around 10am to 3am the following day. I think it is time for a nap.

What have I learned from all of this? Owning your dream is a lot of work. It is also a lot of fun. Surviving in entertainment is hard enough, but growing your career and success is almost impossible. For every hundred people who attempt to make something happen only one of them will get a shot. For every ten people ever got a shot, only one of them actual make a career out of it. Think about that next time you notice the same 20 actors in every movie you see. Just sayin'.

Make things happen by making things happen, but also get the right amount of sleep. Sleep recharges you so you can keep going! Become the energizer bunny, or at least act like one.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A stormy beginning

• A stormy beginning

I was asked about what my thoughts on the number 3 was. I really wanted to write that blog, but it occurred to me that a storm just hit NY Long Island, among other places. So, I was in the storm, and I am an entertainer. I will get to the number 3 at another time. For now, let's talk about being resilient. What hit NY was pretty bad but nothing compared to other states that were destroyed. For NY City, there was a flood, and subways were filled to the top. You can't use the subway trains if they are submarines. Due to the storm, people lost their lives, less people lost power and every production in TV and Film was shut down.

Obviously that list is in the order of importance. The storm is gone and in the past now. So everything is slowly going back to normal. Expect for this small gas problem plaguing the Island of Long in NY. So, now anyone who wants to get to NY City can't take a train, or drive to the city to work on movies or TV productions. Worse yet, I am opening up a theater which was suppose to be open by the first of November. It's the fifth now. Which means, we are behind schedule. So, no lives, power, gas, productions, or theater... What can one do? Should we get upset, aggravated, or flipped out on everything and one? Nah, there is a better way.

The storm create opportunity. How? I only have my opinion of the situation. People being taken away, I can't answer that. That's for A God, or something, or nothing else to answer. For those who have survived, maybe I can add a little clarity to your lives. There are no walls only solutions. It's beautiful how so many people are helping one another through this event. Even famous people, and those with nothing themselves, are stepping up to give a hand to those in need. I knew the world had it in her. Except when it comes to people pulling out guns at gas stations... But, they were waiting for three hours on a line to filler up on their cars.

I wish people would be kind all the time, instead of when something horrible happen. That's another blog... This is about finding clarity in something so destructive. For me, I found time to breathe. What else could I do? There are moments when you have no control for a reason. Life is saying, “It's okay. Sit down while I help you stop running around.” I feel that's true. The storm has done enough damage, allow yourself a moment to breathe in it's abscess. Once you have given yourself a moment, write down what needs to be done. Mark that list off one by one as time passes. For me, my life needed things to slow down. I work every day. This storm taught me one thing...

I have loved ones around, people to listen to, and my life to live. I work, in one form or another, everyday. I had no choice but to slow down. A stormy beginning to my venture, and a beautiful calm after. To all those who had a rough time in this event, my heart goes out to you. May peace find your lives, and strength where you may feel weak and destroyed. All the world to life...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taking control of the uncontrollable

• Taking control of the uncontrollable

When I first began playing an instrument I wanted to learn piano. My brother took over both my piano and my music teacher. This lead me to play the guitar. Again, my brother took over my guitar and my guitar teacher. So I gave up. Silly me, one should never give up. So when I was a little older I took up guitar again. Had two lessons with a teacher and quit lessons after the second session, because he wasn't teaching me what I wanted to know. I wanted to understand theory. Why certain notes worked with one another. I wanted the power to create. Turns out, I didn't need a teacher. I needed the will.

I taught myself music, guitar, bass, piano and even drums. I wanted to play, I took away the walls. Now my brother could no longer take away my instruments, or my teachers. I lived away from him. The point is, I took control of my uncontrollable situation. Later on in life my band TENEbRAE was playing shows. We were at the mercy of promoters, bookers, and venues. I took away my walls. I started booking, promoting and yes renting venues for our own shows. It's all about creating opportunity. We also started playing festivals and touring. Taking control away from local situations and opening up a national style of play!

I also started acting, and doing comedy. Comedy I just placed my music background into it and rented venues, or clubs. Promoted the hell out of it and bam. Acting is a little different but not by much. I worked with a wonderful acting troupe, went into the city for TV, extra work and other auditions. Someone told me my look had to change... you'll never get work. So I opened a 6200 square foot theater... Need I say more? Take control of your situation. You want something you go out and just get it. You need people for things to happen, but it always starts with you and your will power. Become your creation, invent your opportunities!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Relationships Pros and Cons

• Relationships Pros and Cons

Your personal life is very important in maintaining sanity. So keep it separate from your business life. Many entertainers do this well, others actually are very bad at it. Who you are dating, hanging out with or maybe just banging, are things only you and that person(s) must know. What's so important about keeping your relationships (friendly or romantic) private? Because they are private. Your “Brand” (business) has nothing to do with what you do behind closed doors. Selling your Brand to the public takes a lot of work.

Vince Neil is not Vince Neil all the time. He shuts it off when he is off stage and not selling his Brand. Actors have Brands too. The point is, when you let the fan-base into your private life you are taking away two things and adding one immensely bad thing; 1) The illusion of what your Brand represents (think of a politician or better yet a Wrestler – The Undertaker is not throwing his child around like the walking dead guy), 2) Your limited control over what people see into your Brand. (Think James Hetfield in shorts).

One immensely bad thing : You are adding an open doorway into your privacy. More accurately, your peace of mind. Allowing your fan-base to feel like a friend will overwhelm you in the long run. An entertainer may seem like they are on all the time but trust me, an entertainer needs a moment to rest their act. Everyone does. I am sure people who work 9 – 5 come home with a need to just crash, while zoning out on nonsensical TV for an hour or two. After dealing with their work day ALL day, it can take some sickly toll on you.

Keep your relationships private. That includes your friendships and romantic relationships. Your audience is an audience for a reason. You are working, selling your Brand, and growing a business to make a living. When you are around your friends, family and loved ones you don't sell to them. You may work with them, but that's a business relationship you keep professional as they help grow your business too. Maybe you are helping them grow their business.

Next time you're buying something at 7-Eleven, ask the cashier if you can hangout with them after their shift... My point exactly!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let me splain, no, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Let me splain, no, there is too much. Let me sum up.

When I was younger I had a dream I want to accomplish. To own a venue. Before I get to that, I would like to mention the following. I hosted a comedy open mic night on Friday. Oh it was exciting. One of my good friends asked me to handle it for him and I was more than happy to oblige. Reading my adventures you already know I think open mic nights are last on my list (not for beginners – get out there and have fun). Even more so nowadays as the fun of entertaining has dwindled in the presence of other entertainers.

Let me splain. While I was hosting I had little control over who showed up. If I had to count on my hand the amount of comedians that appeared I'd say about twenty came out. Five minutes a spot plus bull-crap, twenty comedians, you do the math. I was hosting that show from 10:00pm (start time 10:41p) till 1am in the morning. Most comedians had been working hard on their material. Maybe they get one night a month to say it on stage. Fine I get that. I support the desire to say things on stage.

Keep in mind, I have no control over the fact that twenty comedians showed up. So being a douche to the host (me) and all other comedians is unacceptable networking. You want to make it in this business, respect the business. Needless to say when you get to comic number ten you are asking for trouble. In short, some douche comedian got called up nineteenth. He gets up to the mic and says some rude things. Fine. Great, you are a comedian. Let's hear it.

You should never say anything other than here is the next comedian.
I'm the only comedian that has actually performed in a real club.
Let the funniest person her tell his jokes.

Oh wait, after saying all that he had nothing to say. The guy walked off stage after two failed jokes and didn't even say good by to the person running the event. Which leads me to...

In three weeks my own theater will be opening up. Respect the industry. That's what I do, am doing and will continue to do. My place is opening on the first of November and I have three major rules: 1) No politics – you want to perform, you rent the time, run the show. 2) Behave – act rude or disrespect the business, audience, performs, or venue, you are gone. 3) No Alcohol – I want people to enjoy coming to see quality shows not come because it's a place to get drunk. Oh, and no TVs, radios, or pool table happening during performances!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Help one, help all, helps yourself?

Help one, help all, helps yourself? :

I love entertainment. I love the business of entertainment too. What I am less found of are entertainers. This is a game of possibility. Most entertainers are in this game as if it were a competition. Let's be serious for a moment. The truth of it all is this game is not a competition. There is room for everyone. Maybe you are still learning, or the system of entertainment is looking for something different than you. It just means keep trying. Keep trying while working with other people in your field, outside your field, and learn to be helpful. This business grows on people working together.

A movie is made by more than 8 people. Those normal 8 are actors, a director, camera people, and a producer. Then those unsung heroes: grips, people who handle light, stand-ins, extras, etc. Stay after a movie is over and watch how long you'll wait around with credits going and going and going. It's beautiful to watch since it represents success in groups. If all people looked at a movie's behind the scenes workings you'll notice how to become successful. People searching for success all by their lonesome will take a lot longer getting there while others working with people will find themselves among success much quicker.

Take a comedian. They writer their own jokes, they perform their own jokes, they drive to their own gigs. Fine, that seems like it takes one person. Except, you need someone to run the show (The person who booked you)... Oh I am sorry, did you say you booked the show yourself? Okay, you need a person who owns a club to let you perform there. Oh, did you say you own the place too. Now you are getting annoying! Fine, you own the place, now you need people to run the door, the lights, the bar, the cleaning, etc. My point is, you are working hard for yourself while others are working hard to make it possibly for you to do it.

This is not a one person game. It is a group effort. Helping one, helps all to help yourself!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marketing as a woman

Marketing as a woman :

The beauty of marketing. One must always market to find their branding in front of people. I've learned over the years the value of branding. Creating an image, or design, ultimately a voice, that people can absorb into their lives. Branding lets people have a part of your “product/company” and take it with them. One may even lend their own voice to your particular brand; i.e. sport fans. A sport fan will buy items to support their favorite teams while fighting for respect, integrity and anything else that goes along with a “fan/customer” of any brand. What you are selling is almost unimportant compared to how you brand it.

I live in entertainment. That's my world. I am an entertainer who also happens to own a productions company. What does my company do? We Consult, Market, and Develop. I wanted to learn everything I could about marketing so I could become successful in all that I do. I've yet to master marketing, since it is ever changing, but I've become accustom to how marketing works by being involved with it so often. I am sure, following my blog, you've learned that I have a band, I do comedy, act, write, and also eat ice cream... a lot. The point is, each of these ventures have a different brand. Silly, dark, philosophical, etc.

The advantage of a woman comes from their brand. A woman's beauty is defined by their onlooker. Everyone has a perception of beauty. What woman have over men is men have very little standards when it comes to what they find beautiful. Also, woman, intended or not, have the mindlessness of man to help bring a woman's brand to life easier than when men market. How so? I am about to generalize, men follow woman (especially woman starting out in any field) with the hopes that they have a chance to have sex with that woman. Will it happen? Most likely not (98% chance of a no). Men don't care though. They have hope.

Hope is a beautiful thing for men. So... woman get more follows, likes, friends, sales, over men. The statistics don't lie. Oh, plus, women tend to understand marketing a lot better than men. A fun read ---> (LINK). I am not saying men can't marketing. The truth of it all comes down to more men are willing to follow women based on their desires as a man than on the branding it self. Thus the stereotypical macho marketing campaigns of “Hooters”, “Sports”, “Beer”, etc. These companies know what sells “Units”. Believe me, they get paid a lot of money to come up with seducing marketing campaigns.

• Macho 1 (Video) So true!
• Macho 2 (Video) Wearing this gets you laid.
• Macho 3 (Video) Drink this and get the lady.
• Macho 4 (Video) This one gets you AIDs... oh and says fat women are bad.

The things we learn by watching closely. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Ram will break through

Work work work; That is what my life has become? It's all good. Focusing on my SMART Goals is where I have to find my motivation. I have many small things that need to be done to get these larger goals off the ground. On the Tenth of this month I will officially be responsible for a new 3,800 square foot building filled with a theater area and some offices. I have a play I wrote that will be performed in December, and I am working on bringing my “Make A Right Left Here TV” show back to life. Though this time I am thinking of just doing it twice a month and prerecording it. Either way, I know I have a lot of my table. That's the life of an Aries.

Aries the mighty RAM! It's a trait that most Aries have in common. We say yes to anything that comes our way. We feel obligated to life to continue doing things. For when we are standing still we feel useless and without worth. I feel better when I am completing moments in my life. I remember when I use to work a normal job, in fact, I remember when I use to work three normal jobs all at one time. Never again! It was always the same thing and nothing ever felt accomplished. I worked for another person / company, and I could only do as I was told. Most of the time stocking, renting, or even selling equipment to people. I accomplish things now.

I turned my life around and starting making things happen by making things happen. When it comes to my life I also keep in mind 3 simple things. Network, Market, and Practice. I keep people in my life as best I can. I let people know I exist and that I am doing things. I do what I can to keep my skills up to par. Most importantly I remember to always help those searching for opportunities. I do this because of a quote I heard when I was younger.

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. We need not wait to see what others do.” ~ Gandhi

I was taken advantage of by the industry known as business when I was young. I changed all that by learning the business side of things. I also studied people, life and started taking in any knowledge I could hear, read, see. Most importantly, I started helping those who wished for it. I always thought if someone helped me I would have learned quicker, or been able to take on more. Or have gotten further than I am now. The truth is, you don't need help. You just need to do. Become the action. Some fear this action. I create action by opening doors. I feel, if I help some, more will help others. The action of an Aries is to take lead when there is no leadership presented.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Chapter part 4

Another Chapter part 4

So, my one year adventure starts right here!

• 06.01.11 Opened the BBR Productions Inc., office in Miller Place. Made some great connections and started pushing forward. Got to work with everyone from to Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. I had even became best friends with also known as Stoney! Meeting him changed both our lives. (met him in 2007 while doing comedy). We grew over this year and I owe a lot to him. He gave me a voice to express my self, but most of all he trusted me to be an ear for him.

• 06.01.12 A year later a script I was working on since 2011 got an opportunity. That script got noticed by some people in L.A. They are interested. My friend Stoney made that possible (Networking), my talent made writing the script even more possible (Practice). The help of in the read through smooth out the voice of my writing. (Networking). Having Stoney know who I was and what I had been working on (Marketing), got me the chance to hand in my work to people searching for what I was writing.

• 08.10.12 Two months after our one year anniversary we are closing our 1,000 square foot office in Miller Place and moving to a 3,800 square foot building in Holbrook. (Asset : Business) We'll have two things I've always wanted for a company; 1) A stage that I can help people get their performances on by bringing opportunity to people, and 2) a place any person(s) could walk into and have their lives changed forever. A one stop shop of possibilities. This again is thanks to Stoney. A mutual friend was introduced to me a year ago through Stoney, and now that friend and I are working together to bring reality to this dream. (Networking)

I tell everyone it takes a year to become successful if you work at it because you care about it. You must work 365 days a year for this. The help of people around you will help you get to the top. Working together that is. And making sure your name is out there so people know you exist. I don't make this stuff up. I Network and cultivate relationships because growth comes in unity among people. I marketed my name, company and what I do everywhere to help secure my brand into people's minds. Finally, I practiced everyday. I practiced my skills everyday and of course I practiced Networking and Marketing.

PS. It takes 5 years to earn wealth in what you are doing and 10 years to be wealthy. I'll write a follow up to this in 4 more years. Where will I be? Will you follow me? Or better yet, will you be right next to me bringing your dreams to reality?!!! Now, go make things happen by making things happen.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Chapter part 3

Another Chapter part 3

Where to begin? How about the year I started to focus all my knowledge into one purpose; To succeed. It takes one year to become successful at anything you do. As long as you are working that year 365 days while doing some form of Networking, Marketing, and Practice; both of your skill/craft and to better your Networking and Marketing ability. With that said, let me give you a little insight to what I am talking about through explaining what it is I have done over one full year.

Research, Research, Research!!! This is as important as the 3 needs of success. I wanted to take my company seriously this time round. Why? Because it deserved it. Plus, it is 1 of 8 assets I owned. I am passionate about assets, they generate wealth. Anyway... So a quick understanding of what I did when I finally got back to New York. Keep in mind, when I moved back to NY on the first of January, I did everything I am about to say in less than 6 months. Rule of thumb, doing is the hardest thing to do... so make things happen by making things happen.

• 02.10.11 (-ish) asked a friend to help me build my company up. You need 3 things in any venture, or business; A) The Entrepreneur (this is the money person, or developer of roads), B) The Talent (Idea persons, passion of the company, the go getter), and C) The Manager (Handles the money, business side of things and delegates). I was all three, I needed help (networking), so I called a friend I knew since 1999. He became The Manager. Opened bank accounts and the such. I continued to be The Talent, got us clients.

Still needed the Entrepreneur... So I was that two... over the year, I became all three again. Pointing fingers gets nothing done. Doing is the hardest thing to do... so make things happen by making things happen.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Chapter part 2

Another Chapter part 2

Last you read; I was living in Florida working my butt off.

• 04.20.10 (give or take) Lived in Florida doing comedy, mostly networking with people while practicing the craft of comedy. Mostly worked on public speaking by being on stage as much as I could in my spare time. Handed out all my tee-shirts (marketing) and continued to handout cards when and where I could.


Where did I really start? I started in business entertainment. Art was my major in life. I studied it, the craft. I got my name out there and worked a little. I fell out of love with it when I discovered words and music. I began my second quest of life creating songs for a band that became TENEbRAE. That was Florida 1996! Wow, insanity. Moved to New York in the summer of 1997 and met my then best friend Dan Rhodus. TENEbRAE had a life all its own at that point.

In the year 2007 I left TENEbRAE, was told I may be dying of a brain tumor by some doctor trying to figure out what was causing all my personal health issues. It turned out to be something else, but I had a list made up in the time I was “dying”. I created a bucket list. When I got the okay I started making things happen. I began pushing my company as much as I could. It was my main source of income. When work was slow I got a part-time job (in a field that helped me learn a skill to better my networking and/or marketing ability).

Another thing I did in that time was complete many things on my list in a matter of years. 2007 till 2010 I got into acting, comedy and even recorded a full length album with my new band in which I still do to this day. Then, in 2010 my father got sick. I let everything fall to my side and ran to Florida. For two reasons. I needed to be there with him (just in case anything stupid happened) and also to get my life focused. I had spent 3 years working on my bucket list, and here was my dad unable to. Made me think, a lot.

Made me focus on something I had in my hands the whole time. Possibilities!!!


• 01.01.11 Moved back to New York, rented a nice apartment and started setting my plan into motion. Rebuilding my company by placing all I've done, in my 15 plus years, and getting my life back on track.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Chapter - Part 1

Another Chapter - Part 1

Wednesday, August 25 2010 ; Working an open mic night... this is where my Journal started. The first entry into the “Traveling Adventures of a Resilient Entertainer” began. Where am I from all those months ago. It just so happens to be a little less than two years ago. What have I been doing correctly, or incorrectly these last two years? First, we are always doing things correctly. Even when you fail, or mess up on something you are learning. Doing is always correct!

I've pushed my theories, strategies, and always stood by my opinions. Never faltering from who I was, who I AM. My job in life is to study success. I've done this for over 15 plus years. Worked hard to make something of my bands, comedy career, acting, writing and more. My goal was to give you an insight into who you want to be in this life. I'm always pushing people to think outside the box. Be more than what society has given you the impression you must be. Life is yours. Embrace it and become what you dream of being.

Where I am and how I got here is simply a guideline to endless possibilities. I started this blog when I was in Florida living a life near my father, who at the time was sick. He got better, I moved back to NY and here I am today. I was really pushing my comedy while out there in the sunny state, but I was doing more than that. I was understanding people through my 3 needs of success; Networking, Marketing, and Practice. Where am I today? That's a long story in and of itself...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012



The joy of acting is tarnished by the ego of an actor. I entertain because it brings me joy. I am doing something that others wish they had the guts to do; get up on stage and perform. It is hard, even for me, to get in front of people and just do what it is you are there to do. We are a part of something bigger than actors. We are a part of a world that was created hundreds of years ago. The art of performing started at the time of life of course, but follow me here. We are just people doing a job? Nah, we are people doing something we love to do. Yet, there are people in this business that don't realize this, or have forgotten the joy of performing.

A thing that seems to be forgotten is that one simple fundamental. An actor is the least important part in any play. I am not saying actors... but the actors. For example; the script, the words are more important than anything else, then the stage, then the audience... then the actors. The script is the script, it never changes. You may alter it, but it is still the context of the story. It starts and ends with a meaning. A stage can change from place to place, big or small or sometimes none at all. Oh, and your audience, I've seen them gone and far between or a room packed from wall to wall. But what I have noticed is more than anything is an actor is just filling in a role that will be replaced time in and time again.

Unity, we are here to make something beautiful. We are here to have fun. We are here to bring an audience a memory for eternity. We are here to bring life to words placed on paper. We are here to honor all those before us who have touched a stage for this play or another. For the respect of its author, or the director giving us a chance to represent their vision. We are given a gift of a gift to be the performers we wished we could always be. Working with one another and not against one another. It saddens me when I am around people who just “are so much better than everyone else”. I am a person who will die. I will, I promise you, it happens. We all leave. But our voice is left behind in the memories of people, our actions and how we touched the world will be echoing forever.

All I want to do is have fun. I will not allow someone, or thing, to take that away from me again. When we do not work together in unity, we take away that fun. No one is bigger than the script, the story, the play!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two shows, and a script?

Two shows, and a script?

I did two shows, one very awkward show that turned out bad for my comedy, even though the event was wonderful... in sorts. The next night was wonderfully delightful. Two shows with the same set. What did that teach me? I'd say the same thing I've been learning since I started comedy. More like, since I started entertaining. Some people love blue as a color, others, a red color. A crowds perception has little to do with what you're trying to accomplish. Your audience will find you. Stay true to your course while searching for a voice in entertainment. What an interesting perspective this world has on life. In groups of people you'll find many twists and turns. An event can be this amazing thing one night, and not so much the next. If one small person, or persons, reacts in a positive light, your night will be non-stop positivity!

What your idea of a structured path can be is limited to what you have known, are knowing and can remember of your past. You have a clear idea of what you want to happen. This idea is only perceptive thinking. The world is beautiful, your life is grand, but what is before your next step is still unknown. Take chances, yes, but most importantly be water. Be fluent. Let your life curve to any environment. I am saying change with your life. Fighting against a feeling can stop movement. Water is stronger than most things in this world. It can carve through stone over time. It can change shape, form, and gives life back to life. A crowd is going great, awesome continue moving forward with it. The crowd is falling apart, then know your time. Know you are able to leave that stage. Does this mean give up? It means be aware, and try again to win them back. Or try again another time. Regroup, reform, retry!

There are signs that your effort is running on thin ice. This is a good thing, it means you are aware of your strengths when you feel this way. So what, this show didn't go well. You got to perform. Most people wish they could perform. I had a chance to perform two nights in a row. Every show I do is about making people leave with a smile of being entertained on their face. Does it always happen? Yes... okay, okay, I'd say 75% of the time. The crazy news is life does change 100% of the time. Your steps go forward into a destination that is truly unknown. Be prepared to adapt in a professional way. I was at an event where a comedian was doing very poorly and the host gave them a light to get off. They started yelling at said host, from on stage. Professionalism went out the window. Lucky for me, I went on next... great lol. The show went well outside of that person's performance.

What's my point? A good show, bad show, outburst? How you hold yourself on and off a stage can change everything. How people see, hear and feel your presence around them adds to their want of dealing with you. I've always said this... “Be nice to everyone, you never know who someone is, or knows”. I befriended a comedian, that was doing comedy a little longer than I. We went from being comedians in the field, to best friends. He got from me knowledge of this businesses inner-workings. I got a good friend that I would do anything for. He's a great human being. My kindness to him, even when I knew nothing about him, lead to a friendship, that friendship lead to another door. A Script I have been working on is now doing something more... thanks to him... Working, working, working.

So, did I mention I am in a play next month too? I have to memorize a script for Twelfth Night, write two more episodes for a script that is being looked at by a certain movie studio, and I had shows that came up along with a festival my company is going to be at all weekend. If you don't have time, or you feel there is no way to get what you want going, than you have to look inward and find the motivation. Everything can happen with a little push, help from friends, and the love and support of others and yourself. Life just keeps becoming more and more amazing. Be happy of yourself, motivate yourself and I promise every dream comes true if you take steps towards it. Be nice... be professional... and be prepared!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A hateful, yet supportive, environment known as entertainment

A hateful, yet supportive, environment known as entertainment

Hate. There is one way NOT to start a thought. Oh, another way. Words like “no”, “not”, “hate”, “crappy”, “poopy”... okay, poopy is funny... the other words are in essence, negative. That's our community of beginners. Do some people support one another? Of course they do. They are friends, or associates. Most people have day jobs, or have to get up early so they leave shows before someone performers, or what have you. This business is filled with negativity, from “you are too fat”, to “why are they successful when I am so much better than them?”. These are lost causes. It really matters only if you are confidant and you want it. Billy Bob Thornton made his career in movies by doing Sling Blade. Focus on moving forward.

I see support with negativity all the time. I hear people growing in that herd mentality, grouping together with thoughts of hate, jealousy, and worst sometimes. I once played a show with TENEbRAE (my first band), and a friend's band, Metadox, or something like that, and there was another band on the bill who we didn't know. After our set they said into the mic “I'd like to thank Lacuna Coil for playing tonight”. Obviously it was a knock on my band because I sang, and we had a female singer. They clearly didn't like Lacuna Coil, which had the same band layout as us. Though, we were doom metal with a touch of progressive, and Lacuna Coil (who I love) is more Pop Metal, with grooves. Really well played grooves, but still. There was no need for the attack.

When they were done all was cool and I have yet to hear anything from that band since. Moving on, the purpose of possibility in this business is supporting one another in a positive way. Do I get negative once in a while, yeah... I do. My thought on the matter is this, everyone has a bad day. I, on the norm, am very supportive of people and their efforts to make expression come to life. A large number of famous people all work together, supporting their efforts forward. There are haters, but who gets further? Kanye West had to back down because he got out of control. Then, after being gone for a while he came back into the light. Take a moment to remember where you started, how you would have enjoyed help, or guidance.

Think, believe, do... because the gift to give, gives.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

F*ck you, you, and you Dyslexia!

F*ck you, you, and you Dyslexia!

One of the hardest parts about being in entertainment is reading in front of people for the first, second, third, forth, and so on times when you have Dyslexia. Interesting enough, Danny Glover suffered from dyslexia while in school, he was "a functional illiterate" when he graduated from high school. Now he has beat, fought and excelled at his craft being an actor/director. So why does dyslexia slow so many people down in entertainment, or other fields? Support is few and far between. When a person is called dumb over their ability to read in such an open format it becomes frustrating. Many geniuses are found held back through fear of reading openly with people around. Even worse, they are forced to memorize speeches to get their words out.

We must support others in any field, so that we can all work together. Attacking people holds life back. Secondly, when the world realizes our lives work together, things move smoother. I suffer from Dyslexia which has kept me hiding from things. In my elder ages, I have become a published poet, an actor, a musician who writes lyrics and in the last few months I've really upped my script writing craft. All from a person who sees a few words and letters backwards. I do indeed have a hard time reading out loud. Though, when I read slowly to myself I am good. The real trick is to read out loud and work on controlled seeing. This helps with cold reads, or just seeing things in a more controlled light.

What is Dyslexia? “Developmental Reading Disorder”. That's what. This disability, which occurs when the brain does not properly recognize and process certain symbols, affects a great deal of people. Does it stop them, some times yes, other times no. Be strong. Remember it is just another step to overcome by embracing. Though symptoms can range from mistaking the letter “b” for “d” or losing words in your mind, and all the way to hearing sounds differently when trying to pronounce. Some treatment for this disorder; Positive reinforcement since most people have a fear of reading it keeps them from trying, causing, in some cases, poor self-esteem. So I say to the world, as I ask you to embrace this my fellow Dyslexions... F*ck you, you and you Dyslexia!!! I will live my life, and others can kiss my A$!

Dream big, be great, live true...

'Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrown upon them.' ~ Shakespeare

Though, I say, why not have all three!