Sunday, August 30, 2015

Green with screen

• “Green with screen”

On Tuesday it will be September 1st and August will have come and gone. Wow, eight months just up and went out the window. It is almost the end of the year again. Four full months to go, and what have you done with your career / life? This is a solid question because each year gone is one never to be seen again. I write these blogs to inspire, to get a person thinking, and to show you that a no body like me can make things happen. I made a SMART Goal list that when I moved into Brooklyn, each year would have a strong conclusion in it. And each year my audience has read and followed this Blog, they have seen me grow, change and evolve.

From music, to comedy, to acting, to owning a theater, to moving to Brooklyn. These are strong accomplishments which got me to where I wanted to be. I had a plan, and have a plan, which is working. My first goal moving to Brooklyn was to make sure I utilized my SAG-AFTRA membership to the fullest. I wanted to get involved with the union, and now I am. I wanted to get an Agent or Manager for Acting, Comedy, and writing. I have. I also started audition for larger roles this year. I want to inspire. I want you to know, I am a no body. I am an unknown celebrity of sorts. I am in the shadows like most people. The difference?

I do. I make available the life I want to live. I have a structure that makes me accomplish all my goals in a timely fashion. One must move along in life. You know what though? All my efforts are because of my Network, Market, and Practice mentality. And everyone who is with me on the journey gets to benefit from it. We all help one another, we all work with one another. I am no Island! Yes, I want to inspire through action, but my lovely readers, you must aspire to take action. Become more than an idea, team up with people and get your name out there in bright lights saying “I AM HERE, I AM ALIVE!”

Oh, and I got a green screen! OH THE FUN TO HAVE!

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Sunday, August 23, 2015


• “Sore-ish”

Why did I write such a hard fighting sequence? Five plus hours we filmed on Saturday of dialogue, then three major fight scenes. Afterward we had some yummy food. All together I have to say this shoot continues to be interestingly fun. My first big filming event as a writer / director / actor / producer was 'The Super Hero Villain', which gave me a chance to learn the process. Dem be a lot of hats to wear! It was really worth it. My passion to create art has always been there, but as a performer I get to live in the moment of another life. All in all, it comes down to seeing an idea birthed into existence. This is a lovely path I am on.

The First fight scene was pretty simple. Two guys run in and attack a third guy. Some cool things happen and boom! On to the second fight, which ends violently; “Snap, Crackle, Pop!” and not the cereal! It was the third fight I was in. I still have some moves left in me, but my body forgot how to be in shape. Talk about tired and sore-ish from filming all day. It is more than punch, punch, kick. Lots of spinning, tumbling, and more. There is a moment when I was getting heel kicked in the balls, by accident; “maybe I should have stunt-doubles”. I will say this, it was all the more worth it doing the stunts myself. A couple contacted hits, but we did great!

Plan ahead is important. Like, go to the gym, stretch, don't write long ass fight scenes which make you feel pain for the next few days. Yeah, that rule is the best rule. Nah, I am still going to write and perform as it is needed. I loved the fencing fight in Hamlet. There is something about the idea of fighting, or battle, on screen when it is telling a story. When it is a part of something more. Like a speech without words. Chouen, that's the actor fighting me, did amazing. We both worked hard practicing the moves and even consistently changing moments to fit out fighting styles much better. It was a pleasure having us get beat up together.

Fight on, train, become! Persevere!

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Saturday, August 15, 2015


• “Managing”

It is fun managing your time, money, and the people around you. Oh, and I also got signed to a management company for acting. That feeling to be doing things which progress my career in entertainment. Working hard to be “the best in the field” is one thing I have never really pushed to do. Well, except when I was a child in music and didn't know the value of business. Since becoming fluent in business, my companies and career has consistently been growing. From my consulting company, to 'oh DEER! Productions' and even the fun of being an Actor / Comedian / Musician / Writer... oh, you get it, I am a Resilient Entertainer with wits!

I get to do these things because I have organized my life in a way to create a structured business world. I have given myself freedoms to pursue any aspect of life I want. It is easy if you have the tools, and of course, to be willing to DO. Attempting is where I see most people fail. Managing time to try things, managing finances to secure, grow and have play money, and even managing the people in my life. Relationships with people, etc. This is a tough business; this thing called life. But if you want it badly enough, go for it. I see people all the time killing themselves for a job they hate. If only they put that same effort into the life they love.

That mentality is what lead me to getting a manager in less than 12 months. Of course I had to Network, Market, and Practice to get there too. But getting representation is more than career changing, it has to have value and points. Why would anyone sign a person who says things like “Well, if I have X then I can do Y”. This perspective is a hopeful one. Be sure and aware of what is needed. This is important to success. Do not just jump out of a plane, have a plan. I was able to sell my Brand of who, what, where, why, and how I have accomplished so much on my own. People want to work with successful businesses they can sell.

Learn, change, and do! You can!

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Guarantee

• “The Guarantee”

When you die there is only one Guaranteed; That you will be the only one on your death bed. Everyone else is a possibility, since they are not you. This means, always give 100% of your time to you with an open door to being nice to everyone you meet. When you are going down in an airplane they tell you to mask yourself first with the oxygen before helping those around you. This is a great rule, because the better you are off the more you can help another person. That's the idea of life. Connecting with others, but always bringing the best of you to the table that you can be.

These reasons make any guarantee simple. It appears everyone is out for themselves and are willing to help when it benefits themselves. Such a queer perspective toward life. Are people really out for themselves? I kind of hope so. I want them to be, personally. Because when it comes down to it, I want to work with people who know what they want and know who they are. I don't want them to be selfish when doing so. When a person is unsure it can cause a lot of issues. Working hard toward something for a year and boom they vanish. This happened to me a few times. And I know it is my job to learn from my experiences.

So I have. I know what I want in my life. I also know what I want from the people in my life. I want people that A) Know what they want for themselves, B) Are goodhearted and selfless, C) Willing to take chances in life so they can live the fullest life they are given, and last but not least D) Be truest to yourself. These ideals make life much more powerful. If one guarantee in life is that we will be on our death bed alone, then what is to say we can't control another guarantee in life? The guarantee to be the person we want, around those we want, living the life we want.

Work, sacrifice, and risk everything with calculated SMART Goals so you don't become the walking dead before you die. LIVE!

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