Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poem; Summer Free

I just felt like writing a poem today, no big thing about my life in the entertainment world.

Cold sneaks in through open windows. Fire's bright sun pales behind soft white clouds. Aloof, children hiding among long sleeve shirts. What once was heard in playful delight, now awaits quietly for snow dropped flakes. In fish smooth lakes fathers and sons dance in bonding speech. Now shakes of wind forced upon a tree's beautiful leaves, to a ground where sons and fathers rake. Whispers of jack-o-lanterns cry out “please” in attention seeking pleads. No longer late days blanketing our runs through dirt covered paths. Nights come crawling covering our streets quickly for life's children to sleep. How summer breeze will lay deeply against my memories cheek. Friends laughing, giggling away scrapped knees and late nights of hide and go seek. Oh winter I know you're coming with great cheer, family gatherings and presents for all... but how free we all felt in summer's short lived open call. Till again, spring will leap us into your warm embracing arms.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Com-sic-rit-tor (Comic, Musician, Writer and Actor)

I dabble, professionally, into multiple areas of entertainment. As I am a Comsicrittor all my ventures have become successful through hard work. I have even taken on a more behind the scenes chair as well. In which, I have become successful. What is success? I get ask this a lot. So, to define it in two ways. First, the dictionary version.

Dictionary . Com

Suc-cess; [suhk-ses] noun
1. The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
2. The attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
3. A successful performance or achievement: The play was an instant success.
4. A person or thing that is successful: She was a great success on the talk show.

Now, my definition

Thomas J Bellezza
Suc-cess; [suhk-ses] noun
1. Being happy in where you are and what you are doing.
2. Setting a goal and completing it within your selected time frame.
3. Being known well enough that your marketing has avalanche into a self promoting device.
4. Living without fear of falling into a hole or being destroyed of all that you are.

We make success of ourselves through hard work and pushing forward. Setting goals helps you direct that success. Even if your first goal is to write down what your major goal is. Then, second, write down the goals you need to do beforehand to succeed to that major goal. When you finalized the last thing on that list which leads to you accomplishing your major goal, you then are a success. Now a lot of people think success is being rich beyond your wildest dreams. For some people that would be, others not so much. I know actors that are content in working with a local theater while they have an everyday normal 9-5 job. It's what you make of yourself in your heart that compliments your goals to success.

I am successful because I wanted to be a musician, and I am. I've tour North America, I've played festivals. I've opened up for all my favorite national acts. I even made a ton of new friends on the way up. I also wanted to be a comedian. I took the steps to do so and by my 3 performance I was getting paid. Within a year I was performing in major clubs. I even have thrown together my own comedy productions. To boot, I am a published writer with a few more books getting finalized for publication. And one of my greatest successes was wanting to act and perform Shakespeare. I set out and accomplished it twice in less than 3 months. I am making things happen by making things happen.

When I hear people can't do something it blows my mind. You can do anything you want. Just figure out your level of success, accomplishment and make your goal list. You can do it, you can do it until you don't want to do it anymore. Think small, work up the list till you are on top of your game. And remember, it is not always about stage time. Anyone can get on stage, trust me, I know. You must continue to utilize the 3 needs for success; Networking, Marketing and Practice. Both of the two aforementioned necessities and your particular craft. I believe in you, and you should too!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All you need is to believe

Faith in something greater can always bring us to religion. That's not true here with what I am talking about. I am talking about faith in a person's ability to push forward. Not everything we do ends up working out. If we try, we try, and that's a success. I know many people who want things, or who wish they could accomplish certain desires in life and yet nothing comes from them. Everyday another moment passes them by, for what? If you try and fail, you have already found your path to success.

Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.". He took what was failure only to turn it into success. If he did not try once, he would have never made it to where he is today... Dead... I mean, the creator of the light bulb. We may not use his design as much anymore, but I am sure that's not the point I am getting at. One thing you can learn from this is that persistence is a great tool in succeeding in entertainment.

I wanted to perform stand-up comedy. I called every number I could find until someone let me on stage as green as I was in the business of comedy. If I had gave up after my first call, I might not have gotten to where I am today. The truth is, I didn't think about today. I thought of that moment in the now. I wanted to get on stage, that's all I cared about. Just to tell any joke I could think of. I succeeded in trying, and then doing. I believed in myself enough to keep pushing forward without fail. I may have tripped, but I got right back up.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poem; I'd never lived before

Her eyes gave me moments of peace. I could rush through painful days knowing my soul could rest in her gaze. There is no greater purity in a woman's sensuality than their cunning gracefulness. Laying passively curled along warm arms her fingers stroking my hair. She airily blesses me with soothing words of love. I gave-in years ago to this passion as I fell off a flowing waterfall's dream. Night seemed never darker than a midsummer bliss.

Her kisses leaving marks of forever on my skin. Moisture collected in wait with her release. Ever enhanced with sparks of cool wind over our thrones bed, my mind began to understand. If death looked over me in this moment I'd ready myself for leave. For If I had not known her in this moment I had never lived before. Every “now” was brighter than my last. She gave me growth in life's flickering undertones, paling what horrors I had ever known.

My greatest glory is knowing she was here beside me now. Tomorrow could come nothing, and yesterday will always be for sure. As my soul falls a slumber let my heart speak to be heard. For if I am the lucky, she stands among me once more. My life within a learn has will once more to embrace that which had not been there before. Music had no sound, art was turn to gray, and in life's art of theater I could only hear the ending play. Till our feet came a halt and your silence broke into Hello...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Commitment or Commit-quit?

There will come a time where you work hard to get as much work as you can. To keep pushing forward in a business where plenty comes in few quantities. Those little chances a performer gets when auditioning for their next gig. Life in entertainment can be short lived or harvested to extend till one so chooses to step down. It comes down to commitment or commit-quit. One must commit to taking chances, auditioning and never giving up. In this business once you are in, you have to keep working hard to stay in.

Where does commitment or Commit-quit come in? Rule of thumb in this business is “Don't over book what you can't handle.” A simplistic concept in itself. Don't give in to needing as much work as you can get. Take on work that you can handle. After any audition there usually is a schedule given out. If before, or after you audition, be honest with the company of people auditioning. Let them know your schedule beforehand to allow both parties, you and them, to see any conflicts that might occur.

Once you agree to a commitment you now enter another level of proper etiquette. Quitting after being hired for a gig can become damaging to your future career. Word spreads fast of names in this entertainment business. That is why when going out for auditions find your “needs and wants”. Do you NEED to work that you'll take anything, or do you WANT to work so you'll take anything. If you need work, remember, you might not like that particular gig. It's not about liking a gig it is about working as hard as you can to make that gig count. A want comes down to these same principles.

Stays focused and keep your commitments when you are given opportunities that others would fight hard for... don't commit-quit!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Here today, no one cares about tomorrow 0000002

I like the taste of life on my lips. I enjoy seeing things for the first time, or watching a small little insect walking along its path unknowingly of my presence. I hear things, witness things, I walk watching life just following a path unaware to even its traveling follower. I wonder if anyone really knows what's going on around them. If getting to work is the only thing that propelled them out of bed. Is there more to life? Is there more to their life? When walls fall and smiles grow you think “maybe there is a chance”. Who knows, all I know is I try and find what's next in life, not what could have been. Or worse, dwelling or what is not. We only get one chance at this thing, so why not live it. Stop walking along shackled destines just to find yourself dead poor, or both. You can break free of what “this” world expects of you. What do “YOU” expect from you? BE!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still going strong!

Shows get canceled. We can't help that. As entertainers we can only move on to the next gig. I've lost auditions, saw music and comedy shows be moved or canceled all together. Oddly, I continue on. This life is a once in a “life-time” opportunity, and as the waves come in from great big oceans, I take all that comes in to my soul. Embrace that which comes into life.

My adventure comes from traveling, thus never settling on what did not happen. Even while I am working, or have something lined up, I continue to search out my next venture. Yes, any venture I am currently in gets all my attention, though I never forget one major rule; “Once you are done with any gig, you are unemployed.”. I also believe in working 365 days a year. When nothing is going on I feel I am wasting my time doing nothing.

Of course play time has to come once in a while, I'd rather be working. I like working. Not so much working a day job, but working in entertainment business. Be it behind or in front of cameras, I love it. That is my fun time. When I get older I am sure I will slow down and get back to my artistic ways. For now, I just want to keep moving forward, making things happen by making things happen.

Life only happens once... I shall continue this amazing adventure...