Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Chapter part 4

Another Chapter part 4

So, my one year adventure starts right here!

• 06.01.11 Opened the BBR Productions Inc., office in Miller Place. Made some great connections and started pushing forward. Got to work with everyone from to Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. I had even became best friends with also known as Stoney! Meeting him changed both our lives. (met him in 2007 while doing comedy). We grew over this year and I owe a lot to him. He gave me a voice to express my self, but most of all he trusted me to be an ear for him.

• 06.01.12 A year later a script I was working on since 2011 got an opportunity. That script got noticed by some people in L.A. They are interested. My friend Stoney made that possible (Networking), my talent made writing the script even more possible (Practice). The help of in the read through smooth out the voice of my writing. (Networking). Having Stoney know who I was and what I had been working on (Marketing), got me the chance to hand in my work to people searching for what I was writing.

• 08.10.12 Two months after our one year anniversary we are closing our 1,000 square foot office in Miller Place and moving to a 3,800 square foot building in Holbrook. (Asset : Business) We'll have two things I've always wanted for a company; 1) A stage that I can help people get their performances on by bringing opportunity to people, and 2) a place any person(s) could walk into and have their lives changed forever. A one stop shop of possibilities. This again is thanks to Stoney. A mutual friend was introduced to me a year ago through Stoney, and now that friend and I are working together to bring reality to this dream. (Networking)

I tell everyone it takes a year to become successful if you work at it because you care about it. You must work 365 days a year for this. The help of people around you will help you get to the top. Working together that is. And making sure your name is out there so people know you exist. I don't make this stuff up. I Network and cultivate relationships because growth comes in unity among people. I marketed my name, company and what I do everywhere to help secure my brand into people's minds. Finally, I practiced everyday. I practiced my skills everyday and of course I practiced Networking and Marketing.

PS. It takes 5 years to earn wealth in what you are doing and 10 years to be wealthy. I'll write a follow up to this in 4 more years. Where will I be? Will you follow me? Or better yet, will you be right next to me bringing your dreams to reality?!!! Now, go make things happen by making things happen.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Chapter part 3

Another Chapter part 3

Where to begin? How about the year I started to focus all my knowledge into one purpose; To succeed. It takes one year to become successful at anything you do. As long as you are working that year 365 days while doing some form of Networking, Marketing, and Practice; both of your skill/craft and to better your Networking and Marketing ability. With that said, let me give you a little insight to what I am talking about through explaining what it is I have done over one full year.

Research, Research, Research!!! This is as important as the 3 needs of success. I wanted to take my company seriously this time round. Why? Because it deserved it. Plus, it is 1 of 8 assets I owned. I am passionate about assets, they generate wealth. Anyway... So a quick understanding of what I did when I finally got back to New York. Keep in mind, when I moved back to NY on the first of January, I did everything I am about to say in less than 6 months. Rule of thumb, doing is the hardest thing to do... so make things happen by making things happen.

• 02.10.11 (-ish) asked a friend to help me build my company up. You need 3 things in any venture, or business; A) The Entrepreneur (this is the money person, or developer of roads), B) The Talent (Idea persons, passion of the company, the go getter), and C) The Manager (Handles the money, business side of things and delegates). I was all three, I needed help (networking), so I called a friend I knew since 1999. He became The Manager. Opened bank accounts and the such. I continued to be The Talent, got us clients.

Still needed the Entrepreneur... So I was that two... over the year, I became all three again. Pointing fingers gets nothing done. Doing is the hardest thing to do... so make things happen by making things happen.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Chapter part 2

Another Chapter part 2

Last you read; I was living in Florida working my butt off.

• 04.20.10 (give or take) Lived in Florida doing comedy, mostly networking with people while practicing the craft of comedy. Mostly worked on public speaking by being on stage as much as I could in my spare time. Handed out all my tee-shirts (marketing) and continued to handout cards when and where I could.


Where did I really start? I started in business entertainment. Art was my major in life. I studied it, the craft. I got my name out there and worked a little. I fell out of love with it when I discovered words and music. I began my second quest of life creating songs for a band that became TENEbRAE. That was Florida 1996! Wow, insanity. Moved to New York in the summer of 1997 and met my then best friend Dan Rhodus. TENEbRAE had a life all its own at that point.

In the year 2007 I left TENEbRAE, was told I may be dying of a brain tumor by some doctor trying to figure out what was causing all my personal health issues. It turned out to be something else, but I had a list made up in the time I was “dying”. I created a bucket list. When I got the okay I started making things happen. I began pushing my company as much as I could. It was my main source of income. When work was slow I got a part-time job (in a field that helped me learn a skill to better my networking and/or marketing ability).

Another thing I did in that time was complete many things on my list in a matter of years. 2007 till 2010 I got into acting, comedy and even recorded a full length album with my new band in which I still do to this day. Then, in 2010 my father got sick. I let everything fall to my side and ran to Florida. For two reasons. I needed to be there with him (just in case anything stupid happened) and also to get my life focused. I had spent 3 years working on my bucket list, and here was my dad unable to. Made me think, a lot.

Made me focus on something I had in my hands the whole time. Possibilities!!!


• 01.01.11 Moved back to New York, rented a nice apartment and started setting my plan into motion. Rebuilding my company by placing all I've done, in my 15 plus years, and getting my life back on track.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Chapter - Part 1

Another Chapter - Part 1

Wednesday, August 25 2010 ; Working an open mic night... this is where my Journal started. The first entry into the “Traveling Adventures of a Resilient Entertainer” began. Where am I from all those months ago. It just so happens to be a little less than two years ago. What have I been doing correctly, or incorrectly these last two years? First, we are always doing things correctly. Even when you fail, or mess up on something you are learning. Doing is always correct!

I've pushed my theories, strategies, and always stood by my opinions. Never faltering from who I was, who I AM. My job in life is to study success. I've done this for over 15 plus years. Worked hard to make something of my bands, comedy career, acting, writing and more. My goal was to give you an insight into who you want to be in this life. I'm always pushing people to think outside the box. Be more than what society has given you the impression you must be. Life is yours. Embrace it and become what you dream of being.

Where I am and how I got here is simply a guideline to endless possibilities. I started this blog when I was in Florida living a life near my father, who at the time was sick. He got better, I moved back to NY and here I am today. I was really pushing my comedy while out there in the sunny state, but I was doing more than that. I was understanding people through my 3 needs of success; Networking, Marketing, and Practice. Where am I today? That's a long story in and of itself...