Friday, December 16, 2011

Behind the wall of truth;

Are you really safe behind the lies of walls? I have learned one thing in this business; “you never know who someone is or knows”. This statement has saved my career over and over. I am nice to everyone until it is time not to be nice. (yes, that is a “Roadhouse” quote). I am only human, but I keep my bad mouthing down to a minimum. Though, I know that there are people out in this world talking completely ill of me to others. Their goal is to stop people from talking with me? I have no idea. Maybe they are just happy to help take possibility away from me because I destroyed them in some way?

Oh wait, we are talking about people I've never done wrong to. People I can only assume have never hung out with me. I assume because maybe during my time of not seeing them around in my circles they could have been A) Hiding from my sight, B) video taping me and C) washing my backside in the shower without me knowing. Either way, their motivation is slightly convoluted. I am at a loss of words. To attacking someone in the midst of shadows cast down by tall walls shows a lot of character.

How does one handle this? If you are having a similar situation do not fret. Take note of who it is, what people are saying and just continue being true to yourself. You never chase an audience, you let that audience come to you. So if you are being kind, respectful and know you have done nothing terrible wrong, continue being you. Remember faces and names while you place them into your own personal black-book. I am sure you are in theirs, but the idea is that you are a better person. Be cordial around them but don't be rudely nice to them. Let them be people behind the wall. Stand your ground in front of the wall for all to see.

Why are they afraid to speak to you about their ill-slated words is a mystery to me, or them. Of course, if you think about it... why won't they say to people around you? If it is true, what's the hold up? Break the wall down or keep it held strong? I say let that wall keep building itself up, while you stand on top of it and shout out the truth through actions and integrity.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thick Skinned;

Thick Skinned and plants. We will get to that. I am an entertainer working hard to make things happen. I pretty much do this for a living. I don't have a day job, I own my own company while doing what I can to help out people trying to get started in this business known as entertainment. Of course, reading my blogs you know I do many things.

Comedy is where I am taking you today. I am very against doing open mic nights. Though, when starting out, jump on it just to get use to being on stage in front of three or four people. I am being generous with that number. I have two mics that I go to at this point, only because I like to support what they are doing for up and coming comedians.

First one is Fin's Pub in over in Oakdale NY every Monday night. And the other is one ran by my good buddy Leigh West. He does his show at Felt Billiards in Commack NY. I don't get paid for this, it is just me being around my friends in the business. I like that, I like what they are doing for beginners and people trying to work out materials.

Why do I dislike open mics? Well, there is little support from other comedians, you can't really get a good read on jokes and everyone is judging you based on their material. I like to build my set up with laughable material and I can only know that by hearing laughs. If you can get a comedian to laugh, it means your joke most likely is bad. Just sayin'

Here we go, Thick Skinned. In this business there are people we call “Plants”. A plant is someone you know that sits in the audience. You either put them there or they are a fellow comedian you have known. I called out a comic's name and they got so mad they started to heckle me on stage. Long story short. I respected this guy in the business.

Why? Good question. Because about 3 years early he taught me something. Humility. He was on stage and took a few cracks at me about the sound system. I got mad, though I waited till he got off stage and ask him not to do that. He said... “We are comedians, it is all jokes. Don't take anything personal.” I respected that enough to believe it.

That is not how it ended up happening on this night. In closing, I like to have fun out there. And it is COMEDY. Good or Bad, it is just about having fun. As a comic, you try not to heckle another comedian when they are on stage. Even if you don't think they are considered a comic, funny, or talented. It is their time on stage.

Just have fun out there. WE ARE ENTERTAINERS DOING THINGS PEOPLE WISH THEY WERE NOT SHY SO THEY CAN DO IT TOO!!! We owe these people our respect on stage. Because we are giving an opportunity to be up there for all the people who can't find their way to the stage. Embrace it, respect it, and most of all... HAVE fun!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I gave up on I and became me!

The best time of the year is coming up for all those looking to find meaning in life again. You give your little list of things you want to those around you, hoping they can buy you want you want. You look around at stores you might have to return things to. Oh how I love the holiday year ending. It is filled with meaning all over the place.

I've been entertaining for years and all I want is my two front teeth back for being the biggest smart ass on the block. Okay, so I've gotten my nose broken twice, cleaned the floor of my blood with some guys face, humiliated about three other punks by putting them into unbreakable holds and for what? To show that fighting is stupid!

It comes down to how powerful words can be in any situation. Though, I don't believe words have power. Will, “WILL” has power. How willful are you to stand down from emotions and take on a few pounds of words? The more “WILLFULL” you are the less chance some jack-turd with a six shooter filled with grand-ole verbiage will be able to take you down.

Where was I going with this? Oh that's right. I have given up on I and became me. My whole life is mine, not yours, or hers or even his. I've been there from the beginning till now. Now one else has had as much time being around me as I have. It's beautifully annoying how much I have to stand me. But I like me, so it is not that bad.

But image having to deal with me all day. There are people out there that don't like me, or can just reach a limit of toleration of me before going insane. It's not about them. It is about me and my life. Just as it is about them and their life. Live people, make moves of your life to live it truthfully.

Just don't hurt people, and it doesn't matter what they do outside of physically damaging you. But this does bring an interesting “To ask yourself” question. Why do we look at life so dirty? We see perverted filth in things? I've been studying the human race for a life time to realize everyone is a pig. But in a beautiful way. The non-beautiful way is how they hide it.

EMBRACE IT!!! Be truthful to yourself. Don't judge others and certainly don't judge yourself. Women and men are out there who love their bodies, despite how they act around others. They love being sexual, they love watching sexuality swimming in sensuality. Love, life, sex, nudity, art, colors, touching, breathing, seeing, etc. Life is around us, EMBRACE IT!!!

That is my “just under 500 word” rant... Peace in harmony!!!